Home Traditions: The Sugee Cake

By Andrea Pavee From May till July, our family sees a flurry of birthday celebrations. For their special day, each person gets to choose their birthday cake. My husband, whose birthday anchors the birthday bashes, has a penchant for Sugee cake, especially those slathered generously with buttercream icing. As a Eurasian, Sugee cake has beenContinue reading “Home Traditions: The Sugee Cake”

Curry puffs and Empanadas

At first glance, an empanada looks very much like a curry puff. Curry puffs are an all-time-favourite in Singapore – with potato curry, chicken curry or tuna curry filling. There is puff-pastry curry puff which is baked, and there is dough-pastry curry puff which is deep fried. There is also a flaky dough-pastry curry puffContinue reading “Curry puffs and Empanadas”

The Watermelon and Banana Match

One doesn’t always think of pairing watermelon with bananas, but a watermelon smoothie and banana bread make a cool match, especially for special occasions like Father’s day. Cel’s banana bread Cel’s banana bread is good for breakfast or tea, or any other time of the day. (She used a recipe she found on the internet.)Continue reading “The Watermelon and Banana Match”