HomeGems: Teens’ Talk

Homemaking is a lifetime project. Some have a headstart. HomeBlog listens to what teens have to say about homemaking.

Nasi Lemak anyone?

Why is Homemaking important to me?

About the Author

Rebecca (Becky) Tan, 16, is a soon-to-be JC student. She has three siblings, and is a founding member of “Home Alone w BBS” on TikTok, which has produced several homemaking videos.

Homemaking to me is how I feel I can best show my love to my family. By making my house a home that is enjoyable for me, I do so for the rest of the family as well. From maintaining cleanliness of our living spaces to cooking good food for them to munch on, homemaking to me is my superpower in bringing the family together!

There’s nothing better than coming home to a comfortable home, where you can recharge. The skill of homemaking is of incredible importance to me, because without it, my family would not be as happy and close-knit as we are now!

When we all do little things to show our love and care for each other through homemaking, the peace and love in the family is maintained. And that is what means the most to me: love in the family.

By Becky, 14 January 2021

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