Student Specials: Anne Lise’s Superfood Breakfast

Breakfast is a meal many people tend to miss or to rush through, but it is in fact an important meal that has to get us through half of the day until lunchtime. In February we featured the Spanish-style French toast with orange compote, blood orange and beurre Suzette and Dutch pancakes (poffertjes) which AnneContinue reading “Student Specials: Anne Lise’s Superfood Breakfast”

Beginner’s Choice: Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Celebration Planning Skills Therese, who leads a busy life and hardly has a minute to spare, cooked a Mother’s Day celebration meal from scratch. She was seen preparing beans before she went off to work in the morning. She was again in the kitchen in the evening cooking something else. There were nicelyContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Mother’s Day Special”

Home Traditions: Bilis Goreng

By Andrea Pavee In Asia, anchovies are a must in the various types of cuisine, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian and others, available here. Anchovies, or more commonly called, ikan bilis come in all shapes and sizes, and are dried and heavily salted, before packaged and sold in shops. At home, ikan bilis is aContinue reading “Home Traditions: Bilis Goreng”

Beginner’s Choice: Home-cooked Feasts

April is a month of celebrations for many.  People in Thailand celebrated the Thai New Year with the Songkran festival (water festival). Sri Lankans also celebrated their New Year. Yesterday many celebrated Hari Raya (or Eids al Fitr). Sri Lankan New Year Krizia made kiribath (milky rice) and ordered Sri Lankan sweets for the SriContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Home-cooked Feasts”

Beginner’s Choice: Easter Brunch

Easter brunch is a tradition in many homes, especially in families that attend the late night Easter vigil. Vici sent photos of her Easter family brunch. I was impressed with Vici’s baking skills. I only knew her as an exchange student in Singapore who cooked well. She baked a typical Easter bread called Osterzopf andContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Easter Brunch”

Beginner’s Choice: Traditional Spanish Bread Dish

When my friend Teresa, who lives in Madrid, told me that she was back in her mother’s hometown enjoying traditional dishes, I couldn’t resist asking her to send some photos. She obliged. “This is migas, a traditional Southeast dish. It is very filling and gives you a lot of energy, it is often eaten byContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Traditional Spanish Bread Dish”

Beginner’s Choice: Mum’s Homemade Bread

Jo’s mum, Aunty Geraldine to many, finds the time to bake bread for the family. Not many busy mothers find the time to cook, let alone bake. Jo celebrated her birthday in an unusual way. Her brother had learnt how to make pasta so he was going to make spinach and ricotta ravioli for dinner.Continue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Mum’s Homemade Bread”

Beginner’s Choice: Val’s Minimal Cooking tips

Val usually whips up amazing packed meals from scratch. But with a very demanding job, it’s often not possible to cook the perfect meal when she gets home. But it’s still amazing that she manages to make simple healthy meals when she is tired. Val sent a photo of her Vietnamese spring rolls with aContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Val’s Minimal Cooking tips”

Student Specials: Hokkien Homecooking

I haven’t seen Pearl for some time. Nursing students seem to be the busiest students I know. On top of their studies they have clinical attachments. But Pearl has been sending occasional short notes to let me know how she is doing. She once told me about her grandmother’s Hokkien homecooked dinners which had meContinue reading “Student Specials: Hokkien Homecooking”

Student Specials: Grandma’s Treats

Suzie went to Malaysia to visit her grandmother and to have a well-deserved holiday after completing her nursing course. As expected, grandmothers will be grandmothers. Suzie’s grandmother was prepared to welcome her with homecooked delights! There was variety in the dishes Suzie’s grandmother cooked, which showed her skills in Indian and Chinese cooking, as wellContinue reading “Student Specials: Grandma’s Treats”