Home Traditions: Oriental Roast Chicken

By Andrea Pavee With a promise to keep, here is the recipe for the Oriental Roast Chicken previously mentioned in the post on Green Curry. At my first few attempts, I excluded the plum sauce. However, with my latest offering, I decided to add in a big dollop of plum sauce as part of theContinue reading “Home Traditions: Oriental Roast Chicken”

Beginner’s Choice: Cool Ideas for the Lunar New Year

If you really want to experience the atmosphere of the traditional Lunar New Year, the place to go is the supermarket. Someone who was at the supermarket sent a message as I was on the way to one: “Enjoy the mad rush!” Yes, the only thing to do is to stay cool. My brother isContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Cool Ideas for the Lunar New Year”

Home Traditions: Yummylicious Thai Green Curry Chicken

By Andrea Pavee A few months ago, I was privileged to attend Lily’s HomSkils Course on the Basics of Thai Cooking. I was not disappointed. Lily, full of anecdotes, tips and information, shared with us her knowledge of the fascinating culture of Thailand. Being a Thai herself, at the end of the course, we hadContinue reading “Home Traditions: Yummylicious Thai Green Curry Chicken”

Beginner’s Choice: Bread of the Three Kings

Sara, who was an exchange student in Singapore and who has returned to Spain, was inspired by Elena to bake. (Featured image is Elena’s Roscon de Reyes) Sara sent photos of the traditional Roscon de Reyes she baked, which is a sort of sweet bread which resembles a crown. Roscon de Reyes is served onContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Bread of the Three Kings”

Home Traditions: A Salad A Day

By Andrea Pavee One of my “unresolved” resolutions for 2023 was to eat healthy. “Unresolved” because I had not firmed it up as yet…it was just floating out there. But somehow, after we returned from our holiday, I started whipping up salads. Now salads, and by extension, vegetables, were not a firm favourite of mineContinue reading “Home Traditions: A Salad A Day”

Home Traditions: Juicy, Roast Chicken

By Andrea Pavee Happy New Year! Here’s hoping the year ahead will be filled with many good things, joys and blessings all around. Having had a good break over the Christmas holidays, I was raring to get started cooking again. To ease into it, I opted for a simple roast chicken. Chicken is a wonderfullyContinue reading “Home Traditions: Juicy, Roast Chicken”

Beginner’s Choice: Simple Celebrations

New beginnings As we start a new year, we look forward to new adventures and ventures. Yesterday I came across a documentary about a nineteen-year-old boy in Thailand, who has to work very hard to buy rice to feed his family. He is working to support himself and is determined to finish school so thatContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Simple Celebrations”

Beginner’s Choice: Mary’s Christmas

A cake for Christmas is quite appropriate because Christmas is a birthday celebration. Mothers have a central role in birthdays as they are the ones who gave birth to the birthday celebrants. Mothers also have a major role in deciding the menu for family celebrations. My mother decided that we will not have turkey thisContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Mary’s Christmas”

Beginner’s Choice: A Taste of the Rustic Life

Adventure abounds Human beings are born with a sense of adventure. We long to see and experience new things. When my nephew was a little boy he used to ask my brother: “Where are we going Papa?” and my brother would answer: “On an adventure”. I didn’t know if that meant that my brother didn’tContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: A Taste of the Rustic Life”

Beginner’s Choice: The Sweet and Savoury Moments

It’s already December 2022 and time to look back on another year that has gone by. We will no doubt find memories of sweet moments and not-so-sweet moments, and celebrate the fact that for there to be a picture there has to be light and shade. I remember a funny scene (perhaps from Sesame Street)Continue reading “Beginner’s Choice: The Sweet and Savoury Moments”