Beginner’s Choice: Starting small (mini mooncakes)

It’s good to dream big, but have one’s feet on the ground and start with small steps. There is more chance of success. I am talking about small home-made mooncakes. The Mooncake Festival is coming up (Tuesday, 21 September), and there is an abundance of mooncakes on sale. I am surprised to see so manyContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Starting small (mini mooncakes)”

Beginner’s choice: Every Dish Tells A Story

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Beginner’s Choice: Sunday Cooking-made-Simple, that the best way to start is to be inspired to cook. I was looking for people who could inspire others with their story. Then just by coincidence, my cousin Siri told me about Soph, a Singaporean friend of hers in Portugal, who hasContinue reading “Beginner’s choice: Every Dish Tells A Story”

Sunday Cooking: One Dish Wonders and Ice Cream Treats

We all look forward to something special on Sundays, even if it’s just a favourite comfort food or a small appetizer like peanuts. Ice cream is a great treat on Sundays, even if it’s just a potong (popsicle). My brother almost always brings ice cream to family celebration meals. Now that he has an iceContinue reading “Sunday Cooking: One Dish Wonders and Ice Cream Treats”

All For The Love of Comfort: Pancakes

By Andrea Pavee Hello everyone! I am back again after a small hiatus.  While busy on some projects, I also took the time to keep busy and voila! I found an absolutely delicious pancake recipe.  My pancake recipe search has been an adventure for the better part of many years. While there are loads ofContinue reading “All For The Love of Comfort: Pancakes”

Beginner’s Choice: Sunday Cooking-made-Simple

In last week’s post (Solution to the Packed Lunch Challenge), I introduced my friend Ferninda. She wanted to know how to go about planning packed lunches for the whole week, which have to be cooked on Sunday, the only day possible in a busy week. Currently, her husband packs his own lunch. Ferninda wanted toContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Sunday Cooking-made-Simple”

Solution for the Packed Lunch Challenge

Ferninda is one of the inspirations for this blog, though she doesn’t know it. Over the years, she has asked me for advice on homemaking matters. Though I am not an expert by any means, she knows that I am someone she can turn to for advice. Cooking isn’t one of her fortes yet. WhenContinue reading “Solution for the Packed Lunch Challenge”

Club 56 Culinary Stars and The Potato, Tomato and Orange Challenge

Club 56 isn’t a club for retirees. “Fifty-six” stands for Primary 5 and Primary 6 (P5 and P6). Club 56 wasn’t deterred by the pandemic: The June Camp had to go on – even if only online! The Potato, Tomato and Orange Challenge was the theme for Club 56’s 2021 Culinary Competition. The participants hadContinue reading “Club 56 Culinary Stars and The Potato, Tomato and Orange Challenge”

To Carb or Not to Carb? It’s all about balance

Cousin Siri’s low carb dinner My cousin Siri (or P’Siriwan) sent me a photo of her Sunday dinner, with the following note: “Today is my low carb day so here’s my meal. The sweet and sour peaches contrasted well with the bitter watercress, the crunchy nuts contrasted well with the soft panfried tofu. I learnedContinue reading “To Carb or Not to Carb? It’s all about balance”

When Anything with Rice is Nice

This blog post is dedicated to my young friends who will be going abroad to study, especially to those going to the UK. They will, no doubt, miss local Singaporean home-cooked food. They may be surprised to find themselves missing something as simple as rice. They may be even more surprised to find rice beingContinue reading “When Anything with Rice is Nice”

A Home-cooked Javanese Feast

Belinda often sends photos of her home-cooked meals. They are very varied, from dishes cooked by Nat, her teenage age daughter, to meals prepared by Gina, her Indonesian helper. I must say that I am impressed by the dishes, and can only conclude that meal-times are special family moments in her home. This week sheContinue reading “A Home-cooked Javanese Feast”