Beginner’s Choice: Creative Cooking and Speedy Recovery

We are getting used to living with Covid 19, just as we have got used to living with the common flu and dengue. But the reality is that when we do get sick, it’s not a pleasant experience, even though we might like the idea of not having to get up early and to rush through daily routines.

Being sick is sometimes good for us. It makes us treasure good health and not take things for granted. It also makes us reflect on the more important things in life and how we can our life a more purposeful. One of my favourite books is The Gift of Pain by Paul Brand. You might think that I have a morbid sense of humour, but pain is truly a gift as it tells us when something is wrong with us and it guides us to avoid dangers.

In these past days, we have had several people at home who have been in isolation with Covid symptoms. With handphones and the internet isolation isn’t so bad. We had someone join us for dinner via Zoom one evening.

Meals became a crucial part of the recovery process. Each one looked forward to the surprise on the sick tray left outside their room. Everything had to be disposable. The supermarket plastic bags became part of the sanitation kit.

We had new house assignments, like distribution of sick trays and collection of supermarket plactic bags after mealtimes.

There was so much creativity that went into the sick tray meals that it made the healthy ones thinks that we were missing out on the fun.

We are sharing photos of some sick tray meals to give you ideas of how you can make covid recovery time more enjoyable.

You might like to read Andrea’s article posted earlier this week. She is recovering from surgery, but is quite unstoppable when it comes to whipping up family feasts.

Family Traditions: Bacon and Cheese Muffins – HomeBlog by HomSkil

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 12 June 2022

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