Home Traditions: Cheesy Puffs

By Andrea Pavee Still in a cheesy mood, I decided a few Sundays ago to bake up some more savoury treats and chanced upon an easy cheesy puff recipe at Pinterest. How could I refuse! While they were named puffs, the end result looked more like muffins. Nevertheless, they were still a delightfully tasty, lightContinue reading “Home Traditions: Cheesy Puffs”

Student Specials: Clareanne’s Art of Giving

Clare and Anne and the banana tree Clareanne is the combination of two middle names of two sisters – Clare and Anne, who couldn’t be more different, but they are like two hearts of the banana tree. Now, what on earth am I talking about? Well, this week I saw a banana tree that hadContinue reading “Student Specials: Clareanne’s Art of Giving”

Student Specials: Something Sweet for Every Occasion

By Marie Anne Lise Tan Korean Layered Cake for a House-warming Party I made this injeolmi and red bean layered cake the other day!! Injeolmi is a kind of rice cake coated in roasted soybean flour (kinako), characteristic of Korean desserts! I combined it with home-made red bean paste (anko), kinako creme mousse and aContinue reading “Student Specials: Something Sweet for Every Occasion”

Home Traditions: Chocolate

By Andrea Pavee As a child, my constant delight rested in chocolates. While the varieties we could savour back then was somewhat limited, whatever I managed to get my hands on did not last long. Cadbury’s was a staple then, just as it is now. Another popular brand was Van Houten’s chocolates which, back then,Continue reading “Home Traditions: Chocolate”

Beginner’s Choice: Mom’s Magic

It has been a busy week, and the HomSkil’s Homemaking 101 course is on my schedule for this afternoon. I managed to get some free time to go on a National Gallery tour yesterday, and I will recommend it. Lianne, who was our guide did an excellent job. Two hours flew by too quickly. SheContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Mom’s Magic”

Gardening Tips: Divide & Rule

By Andrea Pavee Having moved more than a month ago, we are slowly, but surely, settling down. The garden area though has multiplied in size from what I worked on previously, at the rented house, where I developed gardening as a hobby. However, as I was contemplating the area I have to manage, an oldContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Divide & Rule”

A Gift that Started a Crafting Journey

By Esther Esther’s embroidery and ear-rings story It all started with a thoughtful Christmas present I received when I was 9 years old. My aunt gifted me a cross stitch kit that hooked me onto sewing. The repetitive little movements that seemed monotonous and meaningless suddenly combined to form a beautiful image and I wasContinue reading “A Gift that Started a Crafting Journey”

Beginner’s Choice: The Sun, the Moon and the Feasts

Tomorrow is the eve of the Lunar New Year. Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy the light of the moon. There are songs and poems written about the moon. That reminds me, I must get around to looking for the book Carrying the Fire by Michael Collins, about his fight to theContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: The Sun, the Moon and the Feasts”

Beginner’s Choice: Home-made and Hand-made

Aunty Julie’s goodies I have been wanting to feature Aunty Julie’s home-made lemon curd and whiskey orange marmalade for a while. Aunty Julie makes them every year as Christmas gifts. One of these days, I must get around to learning how to make them. They are among Aunty Julie’s legacy. She used to make theContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Home-made and Hand-made”

Gardening Update: My Queen of the Night

By Andrea Pavee In a previous article, I wrote about the Queen on the Night, or more colloquially known as either the Keng Hwa, or Tan Hwa. This plant harkens back to my childhood. My godmother, Aunty Gladys had 3 huge pots in her garden. One night, at 11.30pm, she asked me to follow herContinue reading Gardening Update: My Queen of the Night