Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More

Ferninda sent a photo of the meat patties she made with her two boys. Both are less than three years old. It was their first attempt at helping Mama in the kitchen. Her two year old helped to crack an egg and mix the minced meat. Her other little toddler wanted to help Mama fryContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More”

Andrea’s Advice: Time to Get your Home Hacks Together!

If you meet Andrea, you will never imagine that once upon a time she was happily living a “life of order in disorder”, as she now describes it. She comes across as an organised and efficient lady who gets things done! When we had a chat about this blog, she got straight to business: “WhenContinue reading “Andrea’s Advice: Time to Get your Home Hacks Together!”

Housekeeping is like Accounting

Housekeeping is like accounting. If you do your accounts daily, doing the summary at the end of the month won’t be a nightmare. Housekeeping is the same. If you do a little everyday, housework isn’t a big chore, it’s many little ones. Recently, I heard of someone in another country who spent an hour cleaningContinue reading “Housekeeping is like Accounting”

HomeBlog – A Reason to Smile

It has been just over a week since this blog was launched. You might be wondering how the blog has fared. To my surprise, people from a number of countries have viewed the blog. A law student told me that scrolling through the blog made her smile! It made all the effort worthwhile. We areContinue reading “HomeBlog – A Reason to Smile”

Housekeeping as an attitude

When most of us think of housekeeping, we think of hotels and hospitality establishments, but because the word “housekeeping” has the word “house” in it, it actually refers to the home. The online etymology dictionary states that housekeeping is “management of domestic concerns”. Housekeeping has taken on a wider scope in modern times. It alsoContinue reading “Housekeeping as an attitude”