Beginner’s Choice: Why Sweets for Celebrations?

By Anna T Diwali Sweets Cultures across the world invariably celebrate happy occasions with the consumption of sweet food. It is a natural thing to do, and Diwali is no exception. When my friend asked me if I could contribute a Diwali sweets article for this blog (only on the basis that I enjoy IndianContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Why Sweets for Celebrations?”

Beginner’s Choice: A Deeper look at Dumplings

Have you ever thought of the origin of dumplings? Probably not. But it doesn’t matter, because if you are reading this article, you are about to find out. There are many kinds of dumplings. I have always been familiar with Chinese dumplings, but during Circuit Breaker (Singapore’s lockdown period) someone at home had a cravingContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: A Deeper look at Dumplings”

Beginner’s Choice: Flavours and Textures

It has been ten months since this blog went live. If you are reading this article, then the time and effort have been worthwhile. Andrea and I have enjoyed catching up every Friday when she sends her articles. Friends have been sending photos of what they have cooked and comments on how the blog hasContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Flavours and Textures”

Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More

Ferninda sent a photo of the meat patties she made with her two boys. Both are less than three years old. It was their first attempt at helping Mama in the kitchen. Her two year old helped to crack an egg and mix the minced meat. Her other little toddler wanted to help Mama fryContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More”

Beginner’s Choice: Starting small (mini mooncakes)

It’s good to dream big, but have one’s feet on the ground and start with small steps. There is more chance of success. I am talking about small home-made mooncakes. The Mooncake Festival is coming up (Tuesday, 21 September), and there is an abundance of mooncakes on sale. I am surprised to see so manyContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Starting small (mini mooncakes)”

Carmen’s Guava, Cherries and Chili Dessert

A fruit platter can be a work of art. I saw Carmen’s fruit platter of guava and cherries, which was an unusual combination, and thought that it was quite pretty. Guava is a tropical fruit which is commonly served in Thailand. I was surprised to read that guavas originated in Mexico. Cherries are not commonContinue reading “Carmen’s Guava, Cherries and Chili Dessert”

Homecation and Home Fiestas

Holiday season in another year of the pandemic with travel restrictions means opportunities to look at different ways of resting and re-charging. Since food is an important part of one’s travel experience, having dishes typical of countries you would like to visit can be a good way of having a bit of the cultural experience.Continue reading “Homecation and Home Fiestas”

Home Traditions: The Sugee Cake

By Andrea Pavee From May till July, our family sees a flurry of birthday celebrations. For their special day, each person gets to choose their birthday cake. My husband, whose birthday anchors the birthday bashes, has a penchant for Sugee cake, especially those slathered generously with buttercream icing. As a Eurasian, Sugee cake has beenContinue reading “Home Traditions: The Sugee Cake”

Curry puffs and Empanadas

At first glance, an empanada looks very much like a curry puff. Curry puffs are an all-time-favourite in Singapore – with potato curry, chicken curry or tuna curry filling. There is puff-pastry curry puff which is baked, and there is dough-pastry curry puff which is deep fried. There is also a flaky dough-pastry curry puffContinue reading “Curry puffs and Empanadas”

The Watermelon and Banana Match

One doesn’t always think of pairing watermelon with bananas, but a watermelon smoothie and banana bread make a cool match, especially for special occasions like Father’s day. Cel’s banana bread Cel’s banana bread is good for breakfast or tea, or any other time of the day. (She used a recipe she found on the internet.)Continue reading “The Watermelon and Banana Match”