Beginner’s Choice: The Sweet and Savoury Moments

It’s already December 2022 and time to look back on another year that has gone by. We will no doubt find memories of sweet moments and not-so-sweet moments, and celebrate the fact that for there to be a picture there has to be light and shade. I remember a funny scene (perhaps from Sesame Street)Continue reading “Beginner’s Choice: The Sweet and Savoury Moments”


By Andrea Pavee About a year ago, as we were preparing to return to our newly constructed home, we traversed the length and breadth of the Klang Valley looking for feature plants, planters and pots to beautify our garden. At one of our stops, I found the magnificent Black Magic (Black Colocasia) and Black CoralContinue reading “GARDENING TIPS: ALL THINGS BLACK, BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL”

Beginner’s Choice: Friends, Food and Fun

Food diplomacy The week has gone by quickly in the world that has been bustling with events from meetings of world leaders to the World Cup. Serious business is usually followed by the sharing of a meal at a banquet or a cocktail reception, where the mood is lighter and the host takes the occasionContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Friends, Food and Fun”

Sewing Symphonies: The Knitted Scarf

By Andrea Pavee When I was a child, Malaysian students were taught rudimentary sewing in Primary school. That was where I first learned how to cross stitch. I still remember the day I brought back my fledgling efforts to my Godmother’s home and how she helped me finish my homework to perfection. Encouraged by myContinue reading “Sewing Symphonies: The Knitted Scarf”

Family Traditions: Easy Oxtail Stew

By Andrea Pavee Last week as I was out doing the groceries, I decided on impulse (not always a good thing), to get a few trays of oxtail to make the stew which has been, for generations, our family’s ultimate comfort food. With everything rising from global stagflation, this could be an option for aContinue reading Family Traditions: Easy Oxtail Stew

Beginner’s Choice: The World of Curries and Soups

Dry curry My friend Anna cooked an Indian dry potato and cabbage curry dish and had Foodpanda deliver it to cheer us up last week. Those of us who were on medical leave certainly appreciated the kind detail. We tried to work out what spices were in the dish. I found a recipe online. TheContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: The World of Curries and Soups

Student Specials: Pretzels & Schnitzels and Kaiserschmarrn & Panellets

It’s a joy having exchange students around. They love discovering Asian cuisine, customs and traditions. But they also get home-sick and miss their own comfort foods, so they are happy to cook their favourite dishes for cultural nights. German Feast Vicky, who is German, was delighted to organize a German Night at the end ofContinue reading “Student Specials: Pretzels & Schnitzels and Kaiserschmarrn & Panellets”

Beginner’s Choice: Simple and Simply Good Meals

Last weekend Emily, who is in Hong Kong, sent a photo of steamed seafood in a bamboo steamer. With a note: “We had home-cooked steamed seafood with glass noodles. The abalone, prawns and fish were alive when Jason bought them at the wet market. People in Hong Kong only buy live seafood at the market.Continue reading Beginner’s Choice: Simple and Simply Good Meals

Beginner’s Choice: Fun Fast Food

The slow food movement is international, but some slow food is slower than others. Some traditional Asian cuisines were capable of keeping women gainfully occupied in the kitchen the whole day, and I can understand why. If curry pastes were made from scratch and every ingredient was cut, chopped, minced, grinded and pounded by handContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: Fun Fast Food

Beginner’s Choice: The Birthday Specials

Birthdays are not just to remind us that we are one year older. They are occasions to celebrate with some small detail and to give thanks. We celebrate with those closest to us and who are part of our life. Last week I went to the supermarket to buy pork knuckles. I asked for fiveContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: The Birthday Specials