Beginner’s Choice: Val’s Minimal Cooking tips

Val usually whips up amazing packed meals from scratch. But with a very demanding job, it’s often not possible to cook the perfect meal when she gets home. But it’s still amazing that she manages to make simple healthy meals when she is tired. Val sent a photo of her Vietnamese spring rolls with aContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Val’s Minimal Cooking tips”

Student Specials: Hokkien Homecooking

I haven’t seen Pearl for some time. Nursing students seem to be the busiest students I know. On top of their studies they have clinical attachments. But Pearl has been sending occasional short notes to let me know how she is doing. She once told me about her grandmother’s Hokkien homecooked dinners which had meContinue reading “Student Specials: Hokkien Homecooking”

Student Specials: Grandma’s Treats

Suzie went to Malaysia to visit her grandmother and to have a well-deserved holiday after completing her nursing course. As expected, grandmothers will be grandmothers. Suzie’s grandmother was prepared to welcome her with homecooked delights! There was variety in the dishes Suzie’s grandmother cooked, which showed her skills in Indian and Chinese cooking, as wellContinue reading “Student Specials: Grandma’s Treats”

Sewing Stories: Counted Cross Stitch Kits

By Andrea Pavee Yesterday, after about a 5-month epic adventure of thread and needle, I finished my first counted cross stitch kit. While I have always loved cross stitch, I used to grab onto a pattern, restock my supply of thread, then armed with a good amount of Aida cross stitch cloth, I would manuallyContinue reading “Sewing Stories: Counted Cross Stitch Kits”

Student Specials: Memories of Asian Delights

I met Vicki last year when she was an exchange student in Singapore for five months. She and her friends organized a German night with a cultural presentation and German food. It was a German feast! Student Specials: Pretzels & Schnitzels and Kaiserschmarrn & Panellets – HomeBlog by HomSkil Vicki is back in Vienna whereContinue reading “Student Specials: Memories of Asian Delights”

Student Specials: Cooking for friends

This blog has been a great way to keep in touch with friends young and old. Anne Lise was in Amsterdam when she read last’s week post, so she wrote: “I’m in Amsterdam now and we just finished making and eating breakfast.”  Anne Lise studies in London and was visiting friends in Amsterdam. While EstherContinue reading “Student Specials: Cooking for friends”

Stories At My Mother’s Knee: Lizard, Begone!

By Andrea Pavee A few weeks ago, Lily and I were having a chat and our conversation strayed into the area of household pests (shudder). Turns out there are quite a number of people who are frightened of household lizards. Others are not impressed with the droppings they leave in their wake. My mother usedContinue reading “Stories At My Mother’s Knee: Lizard, Begone!”

Beginner’s Choice: When Breakfast is Simply Good

Fruitful Breakfast Ideas Feisan sent photos of the healthy breakfasts she has been making. She has been exploring the market near where she stays in Kota Kinabalu to shop for groceries instead of going to a supermarket and she wrote: “It’s such a new experience, and so much fun.” For a young person who lovesContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: When Breakfast is Simply Good”

Student Specials: Tang Yuan and Togetherness

Tang yuan (or glutinous rice balls) with different types of fillings (peanut, sesame, red bean) in syrup are served throughout the year as a dessert, but they take on a special meaning when served at Chinese New Year. They become a symbol of togetherness and family reunion. Tang yuan is available in the frozen sectionContinue reading “Student Specials: Tang Yuan and Togetherness”

Home Traditions: Oriental Roast Chicken

By Andrea Pavee With a promise to keep, here is the recipe for the Oriental Roast Chicken previously mentioned in the post on Green Curry. At my first few attempts, I excluded the plum sauce. However, with my latest offering, I decided to add in a big dollop of plum sauce as part of theContinue reading “Home Traditions: Oriental Roast Chicken”