Beginner’s Choice: Cherry Blossoms and Outdoor-Dining

Celebrating in Japan Spring is a great time to celebrate the beauty of nature. There is a sudden burst of colour in many places that sparks joy. Apart from the beautiful sight of blossoms, there is also the joy of food which goes with celebrating the cherry blossom festival. I sent a birthday greeting toContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Cherry Blossoms and Outdoor-Dining”

Beginner’s Choice: Cháo gà ( chicken porridge) and gỏi gà (chicken salad)

By Cecille Vy Nguyen, a Vietnamese friend, came to the house and taught me how to cook Vietnamese chicken porridge and to prepare Vietnamese chicken salad. “It’s your  birthday present”, she said. These two dishes are usually eaten together. She brought the chicken (kampong chicken) from her province, Dong Nai, two hours away from SaigonContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Cháo gà ( chicken porridge) and gỏi gà (chicken salad)”

Beginner’s Choice: Thoughtful Meals

Thoughtful gestures make thoughtful meals It has been two years since Covid disrupted the international travel. Travelling from Singapore to Johor Bahru (JB) (in Malaysia) can hardly be called international travel, as it is a five-minute train ride, but Covid made crossing the border impossible for two years. Since the reopening of the border, happyContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Thoughtful Meals”

Beginner’s Choice: The Heart of the Home

Students on exchange In Singapore There is more force of gravity in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house, so people usually gravitate to it, especially when there is the aroma of pastry baking in the oven. Some students came around today to prepare a French meal. There had to be baguettes, otherwise itContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: The Heart of the Home”

Beginner’s Choice: A Mother’s Love in Every Dish and Birthdays

The Photo Shoot Adel offered to help me with food styling and taking pictures. I know she will do a great job, but the reality is that most of the photos on the blog are from friends of their home-cooking, so there isn’t a chance to do a proper photo shoot. The Food Story WhatContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: A Mother’s Love in Every Dish and Birthdays”

Family Traditions: Sweet Pies

By Andrea Pavee To expand my repertoire of desserts, I have experimented with different types of sweet pies. Pies, in any form, are comfort foods, and are always a welcome change to Sunday dinners. Of all the pies I have made, chocolate pies are, by far, the easiest to make. Plus, they are very versatile.Continue reading “Family Traditions: Sweet Pies”

Beginner’s Choice: Noodles, Rice and Everything Nice

Noodle success When my friend Marie, who is doing her post doc studies in the US, sent me a photo of her dinner of a piece of bread and a boiled egg, I was very concerned. But then she explained that she had had a late lunch out, and portions are huge when eating out.Continue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Noodles, Rice and Everything Nice”


By Andrea Pavee Happy New Year everyone! It is good to be back again, afresh into 2022. I hope Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were spectacular, wherever you rang it in. As for us, we stayed put in KL. Pandemics tend to put a damper on celebratory travelling. Tacking on to New Year’s celebrations isContinue reading “RESOLUTIONS: BOOM OR BUST?”

Gardening Tips: Japanese Roses

By Andrea Pavee When I was a teenager, Japanese roses were the craze throughout Malaysia. Pot after flourishing pot could be seen in houses, planter boxes, pots or growing in verdant beauty on the ground. Their brightly coloured hues offered a warm welcome to all who passed by. Their popularity was due in part toContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Japanese Roses”