Beginner’s Choice: Discovering New Flavours and Textures

Treats for Teresa International travel has started again. Teresa, a teenager from Spain, is here on holiday. She wanted to visit a country where she could practise her Mandarin. Singapore is the perfect place as she can get by with her fluent English, and have exposure to spoken Mandarin. This morning after attending Mass inContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Discovering New Flavours and Textures”

Home Traditions: Cheesy Puffs

By Andrea Pavee Still in a cheesy mood, I decided a few Sundays ago to bake up some more savoury treats and chanced upon an easy cheesy puff recipe at Pinterest. How could I refuse! While they were named puffs, the end result looked more like muffins. Nevertheless, they were still a delightfully tasty, lightContinue reading “Home Traditions: Cheesy Puffs”

Beginner’s Choice: Nature’s Healing Powers

Post-Covid celebrations This week has been an intense week in many ways. I am happy to say that everyone who came down with Covid has recovered, and there is no more need for special sick tray menus. Everyone has had enough of plastic disposable plates, cups and cutlery. They were excited to sit down atContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Nature’s Healing Powers”

Beginner’s Choice: The Spice of Life for Feast days, Fish days and Feeling Better Day

The Spice Tour I went on a museum tour (the National Museum of Singapore) last Sunday. My brother announced to my friends that I was on the tour for the umpteenth time. He was right, because I couldn’t remember how many times I had been to the museum. Every time I asked my brother toContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: The Spice of Life for Feast days, Fish days and Feeling Better Day”

Beginner’s Choice: Creative Cooking and Speedy Recovery

We are getting used to living with Covid 19, just as we have got used to living with the common flu and dengue. But the reality is that when we do get sick, it’s not a pleasant experience, even though we might like the idea of not having to get up early and to rushContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Creative Cooking and Speedy Recovery”

Family Traditions: Bacon and Cheese Muffins

By Andrea Pavee Mum’s Brunch Special With the waning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the waxing of the “back-to-normal”, our Sunday lunches have reverted back to pre-pandemic times, which means quick prep lunches after Sunday Mass. True to form, last Sunday, I decided to ruffle up a Big Breakfast, yes, for lunch. It had allContinue reading “Family Traditions: Bacon and Cheese Muffins”

Student Specials: Clareanne’s Art of Giving

Clare and Anne and the banana tree Clareanne is the combination of two middle names of two sisters – Clare and Anne, who couldn’t be more different, but they are like two hearts of the banana tree. Now, what on earth am I talking about? Well, this week I saw a banana tree that hadContinue reading “Student Specials: Clareanne’s Art of Giving”

Student Specials: Something Sweet for Every Occasion

By Marie Anne Lise Tan Korean Layered Cake for a House-warming Party I made this injeolmi and red bean layered cake the other day!! Injeolmi is a kind of rice cake coated in roasted soybean flour (kinako), characteristic of Korean desserts! I combined it with home-made red bean paste (anko), kinako creme mousse and aContinue reading “Student Specials: Something Sweet for Every Occasion”

Beginner’s Choice: Meal and Cooking Solution Finders

A Student’s Solution to Missing Spicy Home-cooked Food By Soph                            (Founder of the Weave the Story YouTube Channel) I lived in a university town in New England, NSW, where there were 6 Chinese restaurants, but no Thai, Vietnamese or any other Asian restaurants. After eating at various Chinese restaurants, I got a bit bored andContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Meal and Cooking Solution Finders”

Beginner’s Choice: Student meals and YouTube recipes

Entertaining at home My brother and I went over to our cousin’s place for dinner last Sunday. Cousin Siri had invited Soph of the Weave the Story YouTube Channel and a couple of Thai friends over for a Thai dinner. My brother made itim kati (Thai coconut ice cream), and he brought peanuts for theContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Student meals and YouTube recipes”