Beginner’s Choice: The Joy of Comfort Food

We have featured a variety of cuisines and dishes and a lot of celebration meals. Brenda, a law student, who is currently abroad on an exchange programme, surprised me by saying that what she liked most was a fried rice dish which was featured (Garlic, egg, tomato and carrot fried rice). To her, it was comfort food.

There is definitely a charm to comfort food, but it is hard to define comfort food as it is very personal. It depends on what each person grew up with, and the sentiments which are associated with the particular food or dish. My comfort food is porridge.

Marie has been sending photos of her cooking from Pittsburgh. They must be of her comfort food. She is doing her post doc studies and she is discovering that she enjoys cooking! I must say that she is doing very well, and is probably not missing local (Singapore) food.  

P’Pew had a typical yu sheng (raw fish salad) and Singapore chili crab in Bangkok.  It’s good to know that you can get authentic Singapore cuisine in Bangkok.

P’Pew also sent a photo of mangoes from her garden. I will look for a recipe for Thai mango salad for a future post.

Soph sent a photo of the pineapple tarts from Lisbon. Singaporeans around the world will find a way to celebrate Chinese New Year with typical Singaporean delights. Joanna sent a photo of peanut and sesame brittle candy made by some school girls in Manchester.

This week has been a busy week with preparations for the first HomSkil’s Homemaking 101 course this year. The course is intended to help young families get started with acquiring homemaking skills. Homemaking is a family project. I was surprised to learn that many families in the Philippines have “house-making” skills as well as homemaking skills. Houses often get blown away in a typhoon, but a new one can be built in a week, like the one in this photo.

We will celebrate the last day of the Chinese New Year on Tuesday. A reason for another family reunion.

Joanna T’s Tiger

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 13 February 2022

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