Sewing Stories: Counted Cross Stitch Kits

By Andrea Pavee Yesterday, after about a 5-month epic adventure of thread and needle, I finished my first counted cross stitch kit. While I have always loved cross stitch, I used to grab onto a pattern, restock my supply of thread, then armed with a good amount of Aida cross stitch cloth, I would manuallyContinue reading “Sewing Stories: Counted Cross Stitch Kits”

Beginner’s Choice: Friends, Food and Fun

Food diplomacy The week has gone by quickly in the world that has been bustling with events from meetings of world leaders to the World Cup. Serious business is usually followed by the sharing of a meal at a banquet or a cocktail reception, where the mood is lighter and the host takes the occasionContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Friends, Food and Fun”

Sewing Symphonies: The Knitted Scarf

By Andrea Pavee When I was a child, Malaysian students were taught rudimentary sewing in Primary school. That was where I first learned how to cross stitch. I still remember the day I brought back my fledgling efforts to my Godmother’s home and how she helped me finish my homework to perfection. Encouraged by myContinue reading “Sewing Symphonies: The Knitted Scarf”

A Gift that Started a Crafting Journey

By Esther Esther’s embroidery and ear-rings story It all started with a thoughtful Christmas present I received when I was 9 years old. My aunt gifted me a cross stitch kit that hooked me onto sewing. The repetitive little movements that seemed monotonous and meaningless suddenly combined to form a beautiful image and I wasContinue reading “A Gift that Started a Crafting Journey”

Milkmaid Dresses and Dressmaking Revival By Rose

The Inspiration In 2020 and 2021, I noticed that milkmaid dresses and tops (characterised by puffed sleeves and broad necklines) were in style. I was drawn to how the voluminous sleeves gave the illusion of broader shoulders and a slimmer waist. This worked for me as my shoulders are narrow. I also liked when piecesContinue reading “Milkmaid Dresses and Dressmaking Revival By Rose”

Waste Not, Want Not

By Andrea Pavee As a young child, my paternal grandmother, Nanie, had a large part in my upbringing. Such was the culture of yesteryears where extended family was immediate family. Nanie was a woman of great experience, having lived through two World Wars and other troubled times. She came from poverty and through sheer grit,Continue reading “Waste Not, Want Not”

Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More

Ferninda sent a photo of the meat patties she made with her two boys. Both are less than three years old. It was their first attempt at helping Mama in the kitchen. Her two year old helped to crack an egg and mix the minced meat. Her other little toddler wanted to help Mama fryContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More”


By Andrea Pavee Back in the day, as part of our curriculum, girls were taught embroidery in school. I was about 11 when I learned how to do this and to this day, I remember that class vividly. We were given green felt cloth, some colourful thread and a blunt tapestry needle (to make sureContinue reading “CULTIVATING HOBBIES IS GOOD FOR YOU!”