Waste Not, Want Not

By Andrea Pavee As a young child, my paternal grandmother, Nanie, had a large part in my upbringing. Such was the culture of yesteryears where extended family was immediate family. Nanie was a woman of great experience, having lived through two World Wars and other troubled times. She came from poverty and through sheer grit,Continue reading “Waste Not, Want Not”

Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More

Ferninda sent a photo of the meat patties she made with her two boys. Both are less than three years old. It was their first attempt at helping Mama in the kitchen. Her two year old helped to crack an egg and mix the minced meat. Her other little toddler wanted to help Mama fryContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Kids’ First Cooking Adventure and More”


By Andrea Pavee Back in the day, as part of our curriculum, girls were taught embroidery in school. I was about 11 when I learned how to do this and to this day, I remember that class vividly. We were given green felt cloth, some colourful thread and a blunt tapestry needle (to make sureContinue reading “CULTIVATING HOBBIES IS GOOD FOR YOU!”