Sewing Stories: Counted Cross Stitch Kits

By Andrea Pavee

Yesterday, after about a 5-month epic adventure of thread and needle, I finished my first counted cross stitch kit.

While I have always loved cross stitch, I used to grab onto a pattern, restock my supply of thread, then armed with a good amount of Aida cross stitch cloth, I would manually count and stitch, slowly creating an image from the movement of my arm, and the coloured thread, on the cloth.

Quite a few years ago, the advent of counted cross stitch kits arrived on the sewing scene and because of their ease of use, its popularity soared.

These kits contain your pattern of choice, threads, Aida cloth, and a needle to get the project done. Best of all, the pattern is printed onto the cloth, taking away the tedium of having to look at pattern, count your stitches, then sew, and then cross check your work!

These kits make sewing easy, and fun. And the market is loaded with kits of every imaginable design – something and for everyone. The kits usually come in 3 levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

If you are pumped to start on a new hobby, consider trying out a counted cross stitch kit to get you on your way. You never know, you may like it, and before long, form a new hobby which is creative and fulfilling throughout your life.

If you find that cross stitch is not your cup of tea, at least you would have crafted something beautiful for the home, check that off your bucket list, and glory from your experience.

Sewing anyone?

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 5 March 2023

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