Sewing Symphonies: The Knitted Scarf

By Andrea Pavee

When I was a child, Malaysian students were taught rudimentary sewing in Primary school. That was where I first learned how to cross stitch.

I still remember the day I brought back my fledgling efforts to my Godmother’s home and how she helped me finish my homework to perfection.

Encouraged by my keen interest in needlework, she bought me my first set of cross stitch supplies and gave it to me when I returned to visit a week later.I took to it like a duck to water and the rest, as they say, is history.

Further encouraged by my enthusiasm, she introduced me to knitting.

While it took me a little longer to master the basic stitches, what with my small hands trying to hold together 2 long needles and a ball of yarn – it was a heroic balancing act! But once I mastered it, I loved it. Score three for hobbies (reading is my first hobby).

As I grew into my teens, my interest in knitting waned, and by my mid 20s, cross stitching also followed suit.

In my forties, I heard needlework’s siren call and slowly rekindled interest in cross stitching.


One evening as I was swiping through my Instagram account, I chanced upon a post from a haberdashery I had previously patronised. The shop provided FREE lessons on condition that yarn was purchased through them.

How could I resist?

I took the leap, bought a few balls of yarn, and tentatively started on my first project, a scarf.

While initially apprehensive I would be a total flop, being so rusty, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it all came back to me. After a week of clacking needles, I was done with a scarf for my son.

And all this without stepping into the shop!

Once I confirmed the order, Yvonne had the yarn sent to me and when I was ready, she sent me tutorials via video through WhatsApp, and when I had queries, I just texted her and voila! she could coach me.

She is an amazing teacher!

I am on to my second project – another scarf and I have “orders” coming in from family members who liked what they saw.

Needlework is a wonderful way to let you make beautiful and useful items for the home as it eases stresses and anxieties away.

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 26 November 2022

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