Beginner’s Choice: Berry Goodness

November was a very busy month with Homskil’s Homemaking 101 programme running every Sunday via Zoom. One participant commented that she never thought that one can have systems for doing things at home like one has systems for doing things at work. It was a new concept for her. ‘

Setting a household budget and keeping accounts of expenses have saved many families from over-spending. Having a cleaning plan and cleaning schedules make household chores more manageable. The ideals of a clean and tidy home become a reality when there is an action plan.

Another participant said that the meal-planning module helped her to realise that having a meal plan will help her to shop more efficiently, and she will not find herself missing important ingredients when she cooks.

December is set to be another busy month. When I think of December, berries come to mind, starting with the berries on the Advent wreath.

Advent wreath

Soph of Weave the Story Channel sent a link to an episode on blueberry dumplings. I love Chinese dumplings, they are usually meat or seafood dumplings. I once had strawberry dumplings made by a Polish friend who spent a few weeks in Singapore. Dumplings as dessert was a new concept to me then.

When I told Elena about the blueberry dumplings, she produced some blueberry muffins she had made and offered me some. Earlier in the week my friend Siew Hua dropped off some banana and mixed fruit muffins, so I have been very blessed with muffins this week.

Elena made some round black forest cakes with cream and cherries last month. I had a doubt if cherries are berries. A quick google search answered my question: cherries are not berries!

Wishing you a fruitful week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 5 December 2021

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