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It has been just over a week since this blog was launched. You might be wondering how the blog has fared. To my surprise, people from a number of countries have viewed the blog. A law student told me that scrolling through the blog made her smile! It made all the effort worthwhile.

We are in a pandemic, so reasons to smile go a long way. A few months ago, I asked an economist what advice would she give to new graduates who may take longer to find a job. Among her advice was one related to the home. She suggested that new graduates learn homemaking skills while they look for a job. These skills will be useful throughout their life. Once they start working, it will be hard to find time to learn how to cook or do repairs.

Come to think of it, I learnt some very useful skills before I started working, like painting and wallpapering. You can save a lot of money doing your own painting and repairs. A few years ago, I called the customer service helpline to ask for a technician to come over to replace the door of a dryer. The customer support person suggested that I go over to buy a new door and replace the old one myself. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I decided to try. There was a certain sense of achievement when the job was done.

I remember meeting an elegant lady whose hobby was to repair shoes. She explained how she acquired the skill. She used to bring shoes to a cobbler for repair, but one day the cobbler couldn’t do his work because he had injured his hand. She asked him to tell her what to do, and so he taught her.

New practical content (home skill tips) will be added gradually, so watch out for them.

If you need a reason to smile, remember this blog.

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By Chayo, Homskil Editor 1, 11 January 2021

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