Stories At My Mother’s Knee: Lizard, Begone!

By Andrea Pavee

A few weeks ago, Lily and I were having a chat and our conversation strayed into the area of household pests (shudder).

Turns out there are quite a number of people who are frightened of household lizards. Others are not impressed with the droppings they leave in their wake.

My mother used to say that a chirping lizard was one which told the hearer someone was talking about them, and my grandmother stated emphatically that lizards brought about good luck to the homes they resided in.

I like lizards. I find them cute with their big googly eyes.

Other than being cute, I also like them because, they, like frogs, fishes and turtles, especially the red eared slider turtle, keep the mosquitoes at bay.

During a Chinese New Year feast at a dear friend’s home, we noticed that he kept eggshells parked at different areas of his home and when asked, he told us eggshells keep lizards at bay. He learnt this from his mother.

When we came back, my husband had our housekeeper crack a few eggs, wash the insides clean and put them in plastic receptacles around the home.

Did it work?

Well, I have missed seeing my cheery, googly eyed critters since Chinese New Year.

You learn something new every day!

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 17 February 2023

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