Beginner’s Choice: Vacation, Staycation and Celebrations

The joy of a well-deserved rest

Val was looking her cheerful self again and she had a reason to celebrate – she was on holiday! It has been two and a half years since Covid disrupted our lives. Many who graduated during the Circuit Breaker period missed out on the fun of posing on campus in their graduation gowns. Young nurses like Val started their career during a worldwide health crisis. They were the frontliners who had to save the world!

A few days ago, Val sent a photo of her Korean yangnyeom chicken (featured image) with the following note: “It’s the first work lunch I’ve had to prepare since coming back from leave, and the inertia to get started was real.”

Going on holiday

Feisan was going on holiday and had the foresight to use up all the food in her fridge before her trip.

Not very beautiful. I will be traveling today and until most of next week, so I had to use up my groceries in the fridge. 3 servings of macaroni + whatever vegetables and meat I had in the fridge.”Feisan

With food shortage and rising prices, it is important not to waste food, but Feisan has been so creative with everything left in her fridge that you wouldn’t guess that she wasn’t trying to create healthy diet dishes.  


We are getting used to the concept of staycation, and it’s really not so bad. I am starting a one week staycation with some foreign visitors who are on vacation, so it’s a new concept. It’s great to welcome foreign visitors to Singapore, but my friends are usually overly eager to introduce visitors to the King of Fruits -the spiky green durian.

I was quite relieved that we started our staycation with a birthday celebration, and the theme was a Spanish dinner. Tortillas de patatas (potato omelet), salad, pesto pasta, bread and cheese were a “safe choice”. We can save the laksa, nasi lemak, and bak kuh teh for when we have determined how adventurous our visitors are.

The celebrations

We will be celebrating National Day next week. It seems that many families have a tradition of having a barbeque on National Day.

August is a nice month to celebrate birthdays. Suzy was asked what kind of cake she wanted for her 20th birthday. I don’t know what she said, but the result was this amazing looking work of art by Ayelen.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the National Day celebrations.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 6 August 2022

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