Home Traditions: Cheesy Puffs

By Andrea Pavee

Still in a cheesy mood, I decided a few Sundays ago to bake up some more savoury treats and chanced upon an easy cheesy puff recipe at Pinterest. How could I refuse!

While they were named puffs, the end result looked more like muffins. Nevertheless, they were still a delightfully tasty, light treat for Sunday afternoon tea.

The recipe called for a simple batter, with very little sugar and loads of grated cheese. Usually, I am the epitome of getting things done right quick, but this time, I decided to be more hands on and bought a block of sharp cheddar, taking on the task of grating it myself.

It was not as hard as I imagined it to be and before long, the block was reduced to a soft, fIuffy mound of tart tastiness, all ready to use.

When time permits, it is nicer to do things from scratch, rather than have everything at the ready to use – and, it is cheaper. Plus, while it may be harder work at the onset, it gives you a magnificent sense of accomplishment once done.

I leave the ready to use items for when time is sparse and speed cooking, necessary.

The cheesy puffs took no time at all to bake and while they were tasty on their own, a generous spread of jam took it up a notch.

Cheesy recipes are available in abundance over the web or on Pinterest, if you have an account.

If you are game to try it out, tell us all about it.

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 30 June 2022

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