Gardening Tips: Put A Little Skirt On It

By Andrea Pavee Plants housed indoors or out lend a distinct, but beautiful charm to any home. Some homeowners, however, feel that the “bare bones” of exposed topsoil, makes them look “naked”, and perhaps, unsightly. The good news? There’s a host of solutions available for you to fix that up right quick. Just “put aContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Put A Little Skirt On It”

Gardening Tips: Aggregate for Design and Decoration

By Andrea Pavee I am in the midst of reconstructing my house. Its progress has been inextricably slow, no thanks to our frequent lockdowns, and the never- ending vagaries of a pandemic which refuses to let up. To ensure a smooth reconstruction, we moved out to a temporary home nearby, which came with a niceContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Aggregate for Design and Decoration”

Gardening Tips: Garden Accessories

By Andrea Pavee To keep up with gardening enthusiasts, gardening accessories is a burgeoning industry with a little something for everyone. While spoilt for choice on the range out there, here are some practical accessories which can easily find a place in your home, and become necessities, in time. Let me introduce you to potContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Garden Accessories”

Gardening tip: Suspended Animation

By Andrea Pavee In my last article, I shared a little on how Stephanie, who with a sharp eye to detail and a bushel of creativity, transformed her home into an oasis of peace, bringing a bit of the outside, in. Today, I thought I would share with you, Marcia’s Garden, which grows in suspendedContinue reading “Gardening tip: Suspended Animation”

Gardening Tips: Size Does Not Matter

By Andrea Pavee The other day, I got to chatting with my very good friend, Stephanie. By and by, our conversation meandered onto the topic of gardening. Stephanie is an avid gardener and has cultivated many lush beauties at home which she willingly shared with me. The best part? Stephanie lives in a condominium andContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Size Does Not Matter”

Gardening Tips: CTRL+ALT+DEL

By Andrea Pavee A few days ago, I hunkered down, and with a bit of elbow grease, rearranged my garden space to make it more habitable for me. Prior to this dreadful lockdown, mornings were the busiest time for me as I endeavoured to get as many things under my belt as possible, including aContinue reading “Gardening Tips: CTRL+ALT+DEL”

Gardening Tips: The Experiment

By Andrea Pavee Aeons ago, my husband and I bought a Dumbcane (Dieffenbachia Seguine) plant, at a local nursery. Our kids were small then and my gardening hobby lay deeply buried in netherworlds thus unknown to me. The plant lived for years at home, growing what I believed to be a millimeter each year. However,Continue reading “Gardening Tips: The Experiment”

Gardening: Blooming Bougainvillea

By Andrea Pavee In a previous post, I touched briefly on a garden staple, whose popularity is somewhat on the wane; the Bougainvillea. In the 60s, 70s and 80s, these plants were in their heyday in Malaysia. Every home had at least one potted plant gracing their gardens. In fact, my fond childhood memories areContinue reading “Gardening: Blooming Bougainvillea”

Gardening: The Fragrant Frangipani

By Andrea Pavee On my daily walks, I have chanced upon many a Frangipani tree, along the roads, and in the homes of many a resident within the area. Nothing quite elicits the exotic like the Frangipani tree with its many vibrant colours and delicate fragrance. Hence, its popularity. However, it was not too longContinue reading “Gardening: The Fragrant Frangipani”

Gardening: The Gift of Nature

By Andrea Pavee Many, many moons ago, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with diabetes during a routine check-up. I was 35. The shield of indestructability, and impenetrability which I had cloaked myself with, shattered into smithereens. Diabetes is a serious, lifelong disease, with no cure. My doctor, very kindly, told me not to despair and thatContinue reading “Gardening: The Gift of Nature”