Beginner’s Choice: Simple Celebrations

New beginnings As we start a new year, we look forward to new adventures and ventures. Yesterday I came across a documentary about a nineteen-year-old boy in Thailand, who has to work very hard to buy rice to feed his family. He is working to support himself and is determined to finish school so thatContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Simple Celebrations”


By Andrea Pavee About a year ago, as we were preparing to return to our newly constructed home, we traversed the length and breadth of the Klang Valley looking for feature plants, planters and pots to beautify our garden. At one of our stops, I found the magnificent Black Magic (Black Colocasia) and Black CoralContinue reading “GARDENING TIPS: ALL THINGS BLACK, BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL”

Gardening: Lipstick, Powder and Paint

By Andrea Pavee After a hiatus from gardening articles, I am back, with more adventures to share. Having recently celebrated my birthday, I received two beautiful pots from two dear friendsto commemorate the special day. The first pot was gifted by Marcia – a beautiful Taro a.k.a Colocasia Esculente plant. How did she know IContinue reading “Gardening: Lipstick, Powder and Paint”

Beginner’s Choice: Nature’s Healing Powers

Post-Covid celebrations This week has been an intense week in many ways. I am happy to say that everyone who came down with Covid has recovered, and there is no more need for special sick tray menus. Everyone has had enough of plastic disposable plates, cups and cutlery. They were excited to sit down atContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Nature’s Healing Powers”

Beginner’s Choice: Student meals and YouTube recipes

Entertaining at home My brother and I went over to our cousin’s place for dinner last Sunday. Cousin Siri had invited Soph of the Weave the Story YouTube Channel and a couple of Thai friends over for a Thai dinner. My brother made itim kati (Thai coconut ice cream), and he brought peanuts for theContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Student meals and YouTube recipes”

Gardening Tips: Divide & Rule

By Andrea Pavee Having moved more than a month ago, we are slowly, but surely, settling down. The garden area though has multiplied in size from what I worked on previously, at the rented house, where I developed gardening as a hobby. However, as I was contemplating the area I have to manage, an oldContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Divide & Rule”

Gardening Update: My Queen of the Night

By Andrea Pavee In a previous article, I wrote about the Queen on the Night, or more colloquially known as either the Keng Hwa, or Tan Hwa. This plant harkens back to my childhood. My godmother, Aunty Gladys had 3 huge pots in her garden. One night, at 11.30pm, she asked me to follow herContinue reading Gardening Update: My Queen of the Night


By Andrea Pavee Happy New Year everyone! It is good to be back again, afresh into 2022. I hope Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were spectacular, wherever you rang it in. As for us, we stayed put in KL. Pandemics tend to put a damper on celebratory travelling. Tacking on to New Year’s celebrations isContinue reading “RESOLUTIONS: BOOM OR BUST?”