Gardening Tips: Divide & Rule

By Andrea Pavee Having moved more than a month ago, we are slowly, but surely, settling down. The garden area though has multiplied in size from what I worked on previously, at the rented house, where I developed gardening as a hobby. However, as I was contemplating the area I have to manage, an oldContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Divide & Rule”

Gardening Update: My Queen of the Night

By Andrea Pavee In a previous article, I wrote about the Queen on the Night, or more colloquially known as either the Keng Hwa, or Tan Hwa. This plant harkens back to my childhood. My godmother, Aunty Gladys had 3 huge pots in her garden. One night, at 11.30pm, she asked me to follow herContinue reading Gardening Update: My Queen of the Night


By Andrea Pavee Happy New Year everyone! It is good to be back again, afresh into 2022. I hope Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were spectacular, wherever you rang it in. As for us, we stayed put in KL. Pandemics tend to put a damper on celebratory travelling. Tacking on to New Year’s celebrations isContinue reading “RESOLUTIONS: BOOM OR BUST?”

Gardening: One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

By Andrea Pavee Every day as I pound through the byways of my neighbourhood, I have been fortunate to have made a bevy of friends from all walks of life. The initial, tentative calls of “Good morning” and “Have a nice day!” have blossomed into firm, fast friendships, with lengthier conversations, where we catch upContinue reading “Gardening: One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure”

Gardening Tips: Japanese Roses

By Andrea Pavee When I was a teenager, Japanese roses were the craze throughout Malaysia. Pot after flourishing pot could be seen in houses, planter boxes, pots or growing in verdant beauty on the ground. Their brightly coloured hues offered a warm welcome to all who passed by. Their popularity was due in part toContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Japanese Roses”

Gardening Tips: Purple Hearts

By Andrea Pavee In a previous article, I wrote about the purple Rhoeo plants, commonly known as the Moses-in-a-Basket plant, which blooms tiny, white flowers at its base when mature. Today, I thought I would speak about Purple Hearts, and my history with them. When I moved into a new home, way back in 2002,Continue reading “Gardening Tips: Purple Hearts”

Gardening Tips: Mother Nature’s Gift – Perseverance

By Andrea Pavee A year ago, gung-ho into gardening, I bought 3 pots of the Peace Lily. One was gifted to Marcia on her birthday, another went to Kar Im, a very good friend, and the last one was to be a new addition to my young, growing garden. I remember asking the nursery owner,Continue reading “Gardening Tips: Mother Nature’s Gift – Perseverance”

Gardening Tips: Put A Little Skirt On It

By Andrea Pavee Plants housed indoors or out lend a distinct, but beautiful charm to any home. Some homeowners, however, feel that the “bare bones” of exposed topsoil, makes them look “naked”, and perhaps, unsightly. The good news? There’s a host of solutions available for you to fix that up right quick. Just “put aContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Put A Little Skirt On It”

Gardening Tips: Aggregate for Design and Decoration

By Andrea Pavee I am in the midst of reconstructing my house. Its progress has been inextricably slow, no thanks to our frequent lockdowns, and the never- ending vagaries of a pandemic which refuses to let up. To ensure a smooth reconstruction, we moved out to a temporary home nearby, which came with a niceContinue reading “Gardening Tips: Aggregate for Design and Decoration”