P’Pew’s Mum’s Arroy Chicken Recipe

P’Pew is a childhood friend of mine. You might be wondering how to pronounce P’Pew. (The P’ is pronounced as the letter P, so it is “Pee Pew”.) Phi or P’ is the way Thais address an older person in a familiar way. It actually means “elder brother” or “elder sister”. The idea is thatContinue reading “P’Pew’s Mum’s Arroy Chicken Recipe”

A Reason for Every Season

I never really understood the expression “Season’s Greetings” on cards. One would be expected to be more specific about the season. I have been getting photographs from friends in different countries, and they all look the same because there is snow covering gardens and garden furniture. It’s definitely the season of winter. In many countriesContinue reading “A Reason for Every Season”