By Andrea Pavee

About a year ago, as we were preparing to return to our newly constructed home, we traversed the length and breadth of the Klang Valley looking for feature plants, planters and pots to beautify our garden.

At one of our stops, I found the magnificent Black Magic (Black Colocasia) and Black Coral plants, and not able to resist, bought one of each.

After we moved, those two plants, along with many others, were sadly neglected as settling down took a longer time than expected.

However, after about a month or so, we repotted our beauties into concrete planters lining the edge of our balcony. With a lot of things still needing our attention, we left them to their own devices.

Thankfully, these hardy plants, took root, and thrived on their own.

Today, they wave and beckon everyone who passes by our home and they have been so fruitful, I have managed to propagate 4 plants. These newbies will be placed throughout the garden, especially in the sunny areas.

When exposed to the sun sufficiently, their stems and leaves turn a glossy dark purple, almost black, hence the name. If they do not get enough sun, fret not. They will still bloom but their leaves will remain green. By the way, I tried leaving a pot in my airwell but it did not do so well.

If you are seeking to purchase one of these beauties for your home, I recommend you pick a smaller plant, as the bigger, the pricier.

Since they propagate so easily, you can build your collection right at home. Also, Christmas is coming – they make really nice gifts.

Happy Gardening!

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 3 December 2022

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