Beginner’s Choice: Nature’s Healing Powers

Post-Covid celebrations

This week has been an intense week in many ways. I am happy to say that everyone who came down with Covid has recovered, and there is no more need for special sick tray menus. Everyone has had enough of plastic disposable plates, cups and cutlery. They were excited to sit down at table on Sunday with a real tablecloth and tableware.

The Happy Meal

The joys of fine dining at home, in the company of a great bunch of people! No more isolation meals! They needed a Happy Meal. Sausages and curly fries and a fruity salad fit the bill. They were also looking forward to dessert. I made some chocolate ice cream and added leftover cookies and chocolate Easter eggs to it. They thought it was cool!

Taste and stamina-building

I thought I would go for my second booster (of the Covid vaccine) yesterday, since I have managed not to come down with Covid. I messaged a friend who lives down the road to see if she would like to go with me. To my surprise, she said she was recovering from dengue fever. She said that with dengue, everything tasted the same – tasteless! She could only take simple meals, so there was no need to plan a variety of dishes. She is working on building stamina and regaining her sense of taste. I would recommend chicken or fish porridge, seasoned with fish sauce, pepper and sesame oil. It always works for me.

The power of tea and coconut water

The same friend did have some advice for me, which was to take cooling tea after the booster. I told her that the nurse, who gave me the booster shot, told me not to drink alcohol for 48 hours, and to drink a lot of water. She also recommended coconut water. My friend thought coconut water works too.

When we took the vaccine for the first time, we used to boil barley water, which is a soothing drink. I should start to do it again.

Ginger and lemon

Angie, who had a sore throat from Covid, boiled ginger and lemon. She said that it is a common remedy for sore throat in the Philippines.

Aloe Vera juice

We have some aloe vera growing in the garden (a gift from a friend), but I haven’t got around to making an aloe vera drink. That’s next on my list of to-do’s. I understand that it’s one of nature’s gifts with lots of healing properties.

Nature is often called Mother Nature because she cares like a mother. She feeds, she nurtures, she nourishes and she heals.

The special cup of green tea

Elena and I went to visit someone in hospital this week. Elena seemed to know what to say. She said: “Get well soon, we will have your green tea waiting for you when you come home”. I concluded that green tea must be special and a powerful incentive to get well soon.

Have a good and restful weekend.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 24 June 2022

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