Test Pilot Cooking and Crespillos

I was impressed to know that Neil Armstrong was a test pilot before he became an astronaut. It made sense. To go to the moon, one had to be ready to handle all sorts of situations in uncharted waters, well, actually in “uncharted space”. There are times when one needs the skills of test pilotsContinue reading “Test Pilot Cooking and Crespillos”

When Yum doesn’t mean Yummy but is delicious

When does “yum” doesn’t mean “yummy”? Answer: When you are in Thailand. Yum refers to spicy, sweet and sour salads with meat, seafood or fruit, mixed with chili/dry chili, fish sauce, onions/shallots, lime juice, sugar and herbs like lemongrass, mint leaves, kaffir lime leaf, spring onion and coriander. More people are familiar with tom yumContinue reading “When Yum doesn’t mean Yummy but is delicious”

Pandemic Cooking and Sweet Corn Cream-Style and mushroom Chicken

Panic cooking might resonate with many readers of this blog. Pandemic cooking has been a totally new experience for me. For a start, grocery shopping became a challenge, especially online shopping. Trying to get a delivery slot was a test of patience and endurance. I had to learn to make do with whatever I couldContinue reading “Pandemic Cooking and Sweet Corn Cream-Style and mushroom Chicken”

Start a Special Day with a Peachy Smile

Special days don’t come by very often, if they did, they wouldn’t be special anymore. It’s great when you can stretch the day. When a special day is on an ordinary working day and everyone is running off to work or to class, it’s good to have something simple up your sleeve. A can ofContinue reading “Start a Special Day with a Peachy Smile”

Feeding Finicky, Fussy Toddlers

By Andrea Pavee Many, many moons ago, when my children were young rompers, feeding times were epic challenges of their minds over my matter, since all of them were finicky and fussy eaters. The silver lining to this was their love of milk, which they guzzled to satisfaction. At least they were getting the nutritionContinue reading “Feeding Finicky, Fussy Toddlers”

Sharing Homemade Happiness

Yes, Val was at it again – more amazing lunch boxes! Val saw my cheesy baked eggplant recipe and she was delighted that great minds think alike (ha ha, so much for humility). She cooked Korean eggplant namul, stir-fried zucchini and green beans, soy braised quail eggs, beef bulgogi, and stir-fried fish cakes for Monday’sContinue reading “Sharing Homemade Happiness”

Zesty Lime-leaf Chicken Stew and Cheesy Baked Eggplant

It’s Sunday again and time to whip up a family meal. Sunday is also time to clear out the fridge. I found some dried lime-leaf left over from when I made crispy chicken toast a couple of weeks ago (see earlier recipe). I was about to throw them out when I thought: let’s try somethingContinue reading “Zesty Lime-leaf Chicken Stew and Cheesy Baked Eggplant”

Panic-Cooking and Plum Sauce Pork

A friend, who is a young working mother of two, asked: “How do you think I should start? Should I just cook on and off to gain confidence, or should I actually start by planning proper meals for a whole week?” That is a hard question to answer, given that she is a working mumContinue reading “Panic-Cooking and Plum Sauce Pork”

End of Season Recipes: Pomelo salad and Basil Leaf Minced Pork

If you are in Singapore and you have just finished celebrating the Lunar New Year, you might have the same problem I had. I bought too many sets of Lo Hei ingredients, without anticipating the restrictions and precautionary measures brought about by Covid 19. “What to do?”, I asked myself. I remembered our family doctorContinue reading “End of Season Recipes: Pomelo salad and Basil Leaf Minced Pork”