Student Specials: Memories of Asian Delights

I met Vicki last year when she was an exchange student in Singapore for five months. She and her friends organized a German night with a cultural presentation and German food. It was a German feast!

Student Specials: Pretzels & Schnitzels and Kaiserschmarrn & Panellets – HomeBlog by HomSkil

Vicki is back in Vienna where she is at university. I managed to catch up with her this week when she wrote: “I miss everyone in Singapore! I still can’t believe that I was there for real and spent five incredible months there.”

Vicki read last week’s post and sent photos of food she cooked since she returned to Vienna. “After being in Singapore I invited friends over for an Asian night. We made sushi by ourselves and had mochis for dessert which I brought from Japan. And this Friday we cooked Indian food. When I was in Singapore I went to Newton Food Centre and had a very delicious meal called Navratan Korma and mint Naan. I loved both so much that I decided to make them at home.” Vicki

Navratan Korma is a vegetable curry. I did a Google search and found out that Navratan Korma means nine-gem curry, made with vegetables, fruits and nuts. I found a few recipes online. This is a dish I think I will love too. I am amazed that Vicki found all the ingredients she needed in Vienna. I am also amazed how beautifully she presented the meals.

Student exchange programmes are intended to be an enriching experience. In many cases, family and friends also share in the enriching experience.

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 26 February 2023

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