Student Specials: Grandma’s Treats

Suzie went to Malaysia to visit her grandmother and to have a well-deserved holiday after completing her nursing course. As expected, grandmothers will be grandmothers. Suzie’s grandmother was prepared to welcome her with homecooked delights!

There was variety in the dishes Suzie’s grandmother cooked, which showed her skills in Indian and Chinese cooking, as well as in baking.

Suzie sent the first of her photos with a note: “Here is my homemade lunch! Rice with sardines in spicy tomato-based gravy, stir-fried cabbage with onions, carrots and tomatoes, fried egg with onions and a side of pickled mango (acar).”

Homecooked lunch

The photos which followed were Suzie’s grandmother’s egg curry in-the-making. Unfortunately, Suzie didn’t have the recipe to share. I did have a craving for egg curry!

To make up for disappointing me, Suzie said she would send me a recipe for Malaysian Hokkien mee (featured photo), which to my surprise is very different from the Hokkien mee in Singapore. The best Malaysian Hokkien mee is almost black, according to Suzie.


Uncooked pork fat
Long Chinese cabbage (or any other vegetable)

Dark soya sauce
Oyster sauce
Chicken stock (either liquid or concentrated)
Cooking steps
⁃ Fry pork fat over low heat till rendered
⁃ Once fully rendered , remove from wok and set aside
⁃ Add in:

minced garlic





(Note: Choice of meats and seafoods can vary according to preference)
⁃ Fry until partially cooked, and then add in the thick Hokkien mee noodles over medium heat
⁃ Add in dark soya sauce (about 5tbs), oyster sauce (2tbs) and concentrated chicken stock (2tbs) or liquid chicken stock (1 cup), and then add in some water to partially submerged the noodles ( enough liquid to cook the noodles)

Stir well, and cover the wok and let it sit till the noodles soften. Depending on the thickness of your noodle the time may vary.
⁃ Add in half a cup of hot water and put the cabbage over the noodles to cook, you don’t need to stir them into the noodles.
⁃ Remember to taste and adjust the flavour, you can add more salt and/or concentrated chicken stock
⁃ Prepare some cornstarch slurry, and add it into the noodles, add it bit by bit until you get your desired thickness
⁃ Lastly add in the pork fat from the beginning.

Suzie takes after her grandmother, she likes to cook too. Together they baked chicken pies which looked like they came from a bakery.

What a joy to see a grandmother and a granddaughter bonding over cooking and baking. It’ a sure way of preserving family traditions, recipes and memories.

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 5 March 2023

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