Beginner’s Choice: The Pumpkin Story

A fruit or a vegetable Have you ever asked yourself if the pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable, or if it should be served as a savoury dish or as a dessert? Some people might just think of it as a decorative item for Halloween. I googled “pumpkin” and found that it’s a cultivarContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: The Pumpkin Story

Beginner’s Choice: Mexican Dinner, Mocktail and More

Mexican Marvel When Carmen announced last week that she and Gen were going to cook chile poblano con queso, frijoles y mole (featured image) and quesadilla and to bake tarta de ricotta con dulce de leche I was very impressed! It was their cooking debut and it sounded very ambitious. For a start, they hadContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Mexican Dinner, Mocktail and More”

Beginner’s choice: First Steps in Baking and Cooking

It has been a busy week as usual, but I have had time to work on the Basics of Cooking Thai Workshop materials. Val’s sourdough delight While I was thinking of what I could feature for this week’s post, Val (of Val’s Amazing Lunchbox posts) sent photos of the sourdough bread she baked, with aContinue reading Beginner’s choice: First Steps in Baking and Cooking

Beginner’s Choice: Miang Kum Appetizer and Mango Desserts

Discovering lesser known Thai dishes When most people think of Thai Cuisine, the dishes which come to mind are usually: tom yum  goong (tom yum soup with prawns); som tam (papaya salad); pad Thai (Thai fried noodles); gaeng khiao waan gai (chicken green curry) and pad kra pao gai (basil leaf chicken). Khao Chae Recently,Continue reading Beginner’s Choice: Miang Kum Appetizer and Mango Desserts

Beginner’s Choice: Family, Friends and Food

Family time Cooking for the family is part family life. The family meal is often the time when the family meets, it’s the family get-together time. When the children help in preparing the meals, they take pride in the meal. Children can start helping from the time they are toddlers, like Ferninda’s boys who helpContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Family, Friends and Food”

Beginner’s Choice: Light meals – Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch

From breakfast to brunch In my first year at university, breakfast was served in the hall of residence on Sundays until it was replaced by brunch. Very few students woke up early enough for breakfast, and were starving by lunchtime.  Andrea calls her brunches “big breakfasts”, and they are simply scrumptious. From staycation to vacationContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: Light meals – Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch

Beginner’s Choice: Vacation, Staycation and Celebrations

The joy of a well-deserved rest Val was looking her cheerful self again and she had a reason to celebrate – she was on holiday! It has been two and a half years since Covid disrupted our lives. Many who graduated during the Circuit Breaker period missed out on the fun of posing on campusContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: Vacation, Staycation and Celebrations

Beginner’s Choice: Mama’s Cooking is Good

HomSkil’s Cooking Workshop Challenge When Ferninda asked me to give her a hands-on cooking workshop, I wondered how much she could learn in a short time, since she is a busy working mother of two toddlers with another baby on the way. But she was so keen and motivated that I thought we had toContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Mama’s Cooking is Good”

Beginner’s Choice: Finger food and movie nights

Carol’s contribution Many people have travelled abroad on holiday in the past few months, though many others are still hesitant to venture too far. I fall into the latter group. Carol went to Italy, and she sent photos of tapas (Spanish appetizers: a piece of bread with a meatball covering a drink, and dates withContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Finger food and movie nights”

Beginner’s Choice: Learning to nurture from nature

The chicken story When I started my first job, I would occasionally take the No. 10 bus to work. It took a longer route to get to the central business district (CBD), but it was a more scenic route than the highway. There were huge old trees and kampung houses on stilts along Pasir PanjangContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Learning to nurture from nature”