Student Specials: Pretzels & Schnitzels and Kaiserschmarrn & Panellets

It’s a joy having exchange students around. They love discovering Asian cuisine, customs and traditions. But they also get home-sick and miss their own comfort foods, so they are happy to cook their favourite dishes for cultural nights. German Feast Vicky, who is German, was delighted to organize a German Night at the end ofContinue reading “Student Specials: Pretzels & Schnitzels and Kaiserschmarrn & Panellets”

Beginner’s Choice: Simple and Simply Good Meals

Last weekend Emily, who is in Hong Kong, sent a photo of steamed seafood in a bamboo steamer. With a note: “We had home-cooked steamed seafood with glass noodles. The abalone, prawns and fish were alive when Jason bought them at the wet market. People in Hong Kong only buy live seafood at the market.Continue reading Beginner’s Choice: Simple and Simply Good Meals

Just Loaf-ing Around with Sourdough

By Anne Lise Tan I have a love-hate relationship with making sourdough bread. Last year, I started entirelyfrom scratch back home with my first sourdough starter. (Read: a sourdough starter is an active colony of wild yeast that is cultivated by combining flour and water and letting itferment – this follows a similar concept toContinue reading “Just Loaf-ing Around with Sourdough”

Beginner’s Choice: Fun Fast Food

The slow food movement is international, but some slow food is slower than others. Some traditional Asian cuisines were capable of keeping women gainfully occupied in the kitchen the whole day, and I can understand why. If curry pastes were made from scratch and every ingredient was cut, chopped, minced, grinded and pounded by handContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: Fun Fast Food

Beginner’s Choice: The Birthday Specials

Birthdays are not just to remind us that we are one year older. They are occasions to celebrate with some small detail and to give thanks. We celebrate with those closest to us and who are part of our life. Last week I went to the supermarket to buy pork knuckles. I asked for fiveContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: The Birthday Specials

Beginner’s Choice: Fruits and Flowers

It is particularly hard to write a post this week after following the news that shook a peace-loving country – the news of the abrupt ending of the lives of twenty-four toddlers while they napped. Some were still holding milk bottles in their hands. They left the world more silently than they had entered, andContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: Fruits and Flowers

Beginner’s Choice: The Pumpkin Story

A fruit or a vegetable Have you ever asked yourself if the pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable, or if it should be served as a savoury dish or as a dessert? Some people might just think of it as a decorative item for Halloween. I googled “pumpkin” and found that it’s a cultivarContinue reading Beginner’s Choice: The Pumpkin Story

Beginner’s Choice: Mexican Dinner, Mocktail and More

Mexican Marvel When Carmen announced last week that she and Gen were going to cook chile poblano con queso, frijoles y mole (featured image) and quesadilla and to bake tarta de ricotta con dulce de leche I was very impressed! It was their cooking debut and it sounded very ambitious. For a start, they hadContinue reading “Beginner’s Choice: Mexican Dinner, Mocktail and More”

Beginner’s choice: First Steps in Baking and Cooking

It has been a busy week as usual, but I have had time to work on the Basics of Cooking Thai Workshop materials. Val’s sourdough delight While I was thinking of what I could feature for this week’s post, Val (of Val’s Amazing Lunchbox posts) sent photos of the sourdough bread she baked, with aContinue reading Beginner’s choice: First Steps in Baking and Cooking

Beginner’s Choice: Miang Kum Appetizer and Mango Desserts

Discovering lesser known Thai dishes When most people think of Thai Cuisine, the dishes which come to mind are usually: tom yum  goong (tom yum soup with prawns); som tam (papaya salad); pad Thai (Thai fried noodles); gaeng khiao waan gai (chicken green curry) and pad kra pao gai (basil leaf chicken). Khao Chae Recently,Continue reading Beginner’s Choice: Miang Kum Appetizer and Mango Desserts