P’Pew’s Mum’s Arroy Chicken Recipe

P’Pew is a childhood friend of mine. You might be wondering how to pronounce P’Pew. (The P’ is pronounced as the letter P, so it is “Pee Pew”.) Phi or P’ is the way Thais address an older person in a familiar way. It actually means “elder brother” or “elder sister”. The idea is thatContinue reading “P’Pew’s Mum’s Arroy Chicken Recipe”

“Stretching the Turkey” lesson

For some reason, turkey isn’t everyone’s favourite meat, especially in South East Asia. It might be because you need an oven to bake it in, and not every household has a big oven or an oven. Most of the time, when turkey is served at home (in South East Asia) it would be bought alreadyContinue reading ““Stretching the Turkey” lesson”

If you can read, you can cook

“If you can read, you can cook.” Zita. Zita is someone I met many years ago, who was a competent cook and a walking encyclopedia. She had a book, which I found very useful, on diet therapy for people with chronic conditions. It explained a number of common chronic conditions and why people with thoseContinue reading “If you can read, you can cook”

An Explosion of Flavours

In response to a feedback from someone who expected more details of the Thai Buffet in the HomeGems – Cooking page, I am adding this post. Thai cuisine is “an explosion of flavours”. I am not being original here, I think I got it from watching one of Mom Luang (this is a title) SirichalermContinue reading “An Explosion of Flavours”