Homecation and Home Fiestas

Holiday season in another year of the pandemic with travel restrictions means opportunities to look at different ways of resting and re-charging.

Since food is an important part of one’s travel experience, having dishes typical of countries you would like to visit can be a good way of having a bit of the cultural experience.

A Mexican meal isn’t too difficult to make. You can get a tacos kit. You can even get a kit to make the taco shells.

Tacos with minced beef and minced chicken

You can also enjoy Spanish churros for dessert. These days you can get churros in the local supermarkets.


A Thai food festival at home is quite easy to put together: Chinese sausages and pomelo yum salad, basil leaf chicken and seafood tom yum soup. For dessert: mango and sticky rice and coconut sorbet.

Since a homecation is meant to be a time for resting, it is probably not a good idea to spend too much time on cooking complicated dishes. The important thing is to have something that everyone will enjoy. A combination of takeaways and home-cooked meals is good to ensure that meals are healthy and that the person who cooks gets sufficient rest to continue cooking good dishes, as cooking requires energy and creativity.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 11 July 2021

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