Beginner’s Choice: Traditional Spanish Bread Dish

When my friend Teresa, who lives in Madrid, told me that she was back in her mother’s hometown enjoying traditional dishes, I couldn’t resist asking her to send some photos. She obliged.

This is migas, a traditional Southeast dish. It is very filling and gives you a lot of energy, it is often eaten by shepherds to maintain energy all day. You can take it with hot chocolate or egg which makes it sweet or salty, depending on what you prefer!” Teresa

I googled migas and found the simplest recipe, which is frying stale bread crumbs in olive oil and seasoning with garlic. There are also recipes of migas with meat, like chorizo (Spanish sausage) and bacon, and vegetables. There is also a Mexican version of migas which uses leftover tortillas instead of bread crumbs.

I couldn’t help thinking of fried rice. Asians make use of leftover rice to make fried rice, often with leftover meat.

This is called ‘Torrija’, a Spanish dessert which is very typical in Holy Week and during lent because of the mortification of not eating meat. But for pregnant women this is quite inconvenient sometimes. So they created this dessert which consists of bread, milk and honey which gives a lot of energy.” Teresa.


I have been doing a course on nutrition and health. It is true that pregnant women need more nutrition as they have a baby to feed. It is good that there are special meals and desserts designed especially for them.

I understand why Teresa looks forward to visiting her grandparents. There are many traditions and customs which are lived in her mother’s hometown, which might not be so common in the cities.

I am looking forward to making migas. It sounds like something I will like.

Happy Easter and have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 9 April 2023

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