Student Specials: Cooking for friends

This blog has been a great way to keep in touch with friends young and old.

Anne Lise was in Amsterdam when she read last’s week post, so she wrote: “I’m in Amsterdam now and we just finished making and eating breakfast.”  Anne Lise studies in London and was visiting friends in Amsterdam.

While Esther who is doing an exchange programme in Dublin wrote: “I will be cooking a surprise dinner for my friends. Will send you the pics.”

Anne Lise’s breakfast special

Anne Lise’s breakfast was an interesting combination of Spanish style French toast with orange compote, blood orange and buerre Suzette, and poffertjes (Dutch pancakes). Quite a feast for breakfast!

Esther’s dinner for four

“This is what I made for dinner! The whole meal only cost Euro14 for four people (including the wine) and we still have leftover potatoes to spare. I remember that Elena said that white wine goes well with chicken, so I got white wine to pair with the roast chicken thigh and roast vegetables.” Esther.

Chart’s gift

I had a surprise gift from my brother – White Rabbit ice cream. White rabbit candies have been around from my childhood, but it was a discovery that there is now White Rabbit ice cream. A great way to remember the year of the rabbit!

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 19 February 2023

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