Beginner’s Choice: When Breakfast is Simply Good

Fruitful Breakfast Ideas

Feisan sent photos of the healthy breakfasts she has been making. She has been exploring the market near where she stays in Kota Kinabalu to shop for groceries instead of going to a supermarket and she wrote: “It’s such a new experience, and so much fun.”

The wet market

For a young person who loves to eat healthy meals, the variety of fresh fruits must have been a delightful sight.

“Been making these for breakfast, because they’re so easy to make and they look so pretty. Good for the eyes and good for nutrients for the body. Yummy too. The oats have fennel seeds and yoghurt, sprinkled with cinnamon. I prepare a large batch on Sunday. Then in the morning before I go to work, I just chop up colourful fruits – bananas, dragon fruit, avocado. I place them in however creative way I want. To tie them all together, I drizzle a mixture of peanut butter and honey for a nutty savoury finish. Though the drizzle this time round is more of random small clumps of peanut butter. Eating this daily is such a joy. It’s like my breakfast saying good morning to me.” Feisan.

Cabbage, tomato and egg porridge

On Friday I needed a quick and simple meal that was nutritious and easy to digest. I boiled rice with some chopped cabbage and tomatoes to make a porridge. When the vegetables were soft and the rice was cooked, I added two eggs and stirred them until the porridge become egg porridge. I added some chopped fried garlic for fragrance, sprinkled some pepper and poured a bit of soya sauce. The egg porridge was just what I needed – something nutritious, mild in taste and easy to digest. I thought I would share the idea.  There are times when our bodies can’t handle spicy and greasy food or find some food harder to digest.  It is important to know what food we can still eat comfortably. I suppose that is why we call them comfort food.  There are also times when eating requires more thinking. Our bodies have a way of letting us know if we (unknowingly) eat something which is bad for us. I have always marvelled at how nature works. It is something to be grateful for.

Have a good weekend and a great week ahead and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feisan’s find at the market: A flower? A fruit? A Vegetable?

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 12 February 2023

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