Home Traditions: Yummylicious Thai Green Curry Chicken

By Andrea Pavee

A few months ago, I was privileged to attend Lily’s HomSkils Course on the Basics of Thai Cooking.

I was not disappointed.

Lily, full of anecdotes, tips and information, shared with us her knowledge of the fascinating culture of Thailand. Being a Thai herself, at the end of the course, we had heaps of “insider” information.

One of my takeaways was that the best place to get good curry pastes was at the local markets, peppered throughout the country, and patronized by tourists, locals, and even famous chefs.

Thai green curry

With Thai food being a firm family favourite, we often include it into our weekly menu.

Of all the pastes out there, the best around is the Blue Elephant brand. Their pastes come is packs or bottles. The packs are good for a meal but I prefer the bottled versions, not only because it is cheaper in the long run, but also because it gives me the freedom to adjust the taste and flavour of the dish to suit the palate of the family.

The bottles keep well in the fridge, once opened.

I complement their curry pastes with Kara Coconut Cream or, if they are out, the Kara freeze dried version, which is cost effective.

Green curry pairs with any meat.

To make an authentic version of Thai Green Curry, simply follow the instructions on the bottle. As I prefer a richer gravy, I tend to add more of the green curry paste and coconut milk. For a complete meal, add in cubed eggplant and long beans, along with your preferred meat. For a vegetarian option, tofu is a good option, and for a spicy kick, slice chilli padi into the thick gravy.

Sunday’s dinner was complete with an Oriental Roast Chicken and rice. But that is a recipe for another day.


Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 15 January 2023

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