Beginner’s Choice: Bread of the Three Kings

Sara, who was an exchange student in Singapore and who has returned to Spain, was inspired by Elena to bake. (Featured image is Elena’s Roscon de Reyes)

Sara sent photos of the traditional Roscon de Reyes she baked, which is a sort of sweet bread which resembles a crown. Roscon de Reyes is served on the feast of the Three Kings (or the feast of Epiphany). Unlike in other countries where Santa Claus brings Christmas gifts, in Spain Christmas gifts are brought by the Three Kings on the feast of the Three Kings.

The Roscon de Reyes usually has a small gift/gifts hidden inside, or pieces of paper with a number which corresponds to a gift with the same number.

Sara has been celebrating being home with her family. She brought some bak Kwa (Chinese barbecued sweet meat) back with her and it was served for dinner along with Spanish Jamon Serrano on New Year’s Day. Can you spot the bak kwa?

The Christmas season comes to an end tomorrow. In Singapore the preparations for Chinese New Year have begun, so there are more celebrations to look forward to this month.  Andrea’s roast chicken recipe might come in useful.

Home Traditions: Juicy, Roast Chicken – HomeBlog by HomSkil

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 8 January 2023

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