Beginner’s Choice: Cool Ideas for the Lunar New Year

If you really want to experience the atmosphere of the traditional Lunar New Year, the place to go is the supermarket. Someone who was at the supermarket sent a message as I was on the way to one: “Enjoy the mad rush!” Yes, the only thing to do is to stay cool.

My brother is organizing the reunion dinner this year. My mum and I cooked Christmas lunch last month. My niece, who was the family’s events organiser, is currently studying abroad. The older adults in the family have to take over the responsibilities of sending out reminders and deciding on the choice of food.

There are many “must eat” dishes for good luck. My mother is insisting that we have chap chye for the reunion dinner. (Chap chye is a mixed vegetable stew which is best cooked a day or two before serving.) My brother has chosen a number of meat dishes including BBQ pork and braised beef brisket. We will have the traditional yu sheng (raw fish salad), of course. We will have orh nee (yam paste for dessert). I made mango pudding for those who would like something less sweet.

If you are looking for something simple but special to cook at home I can recommend


  • drunken chicken
  • plum sauce chicken


  • Baked Oriental pork ribs
  • Braised pork ribs

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Traditions with a twist

My sister-in-law gave me two bottles of tarts which look like traditional Chinese New Year goodies, but one is salted egg pineapple tarts and the other is ondeh ondeh tarts. I am looking forward to trying them.

A Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 21 January 2023

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