Beginner’s Choice: A Taste of the Rustic Life

Adventure abounds

Human beings are born with a sense of adventure. We long to see and experience new things. When my nephew was a little boy he used to ask my brother: “Where are we going Papa?” and my brother would answer: “On an adventure”. I didn’t know if that meant that my brother didn’t know what was on the holiday itinerary that day, or that he did but he wanted to keep my nephew excited with the mystery of what was ahead.

My father wanted my brothers and me to grow up seeing life in other countries as part of our education. I think that is why I have never liked to travel as a tourist. I have always enjoyed interacting with locals to see how they live and to appreciate their customs and lifestyle, it meant doing what the locals do and eating what the locals eat.

Many years ago, I went on a service project with a group of students and friends to teach English at a village school at the foot of the mountains in Nakhon Nayok, a province in Central Thailand. It was an adventure! The principal of the school told us how the school was transformed when the canteen was built and opened. Before that the children were too hungry and listless to study. They used to sleep during the school lunch break as they didn’t have any food for lunch. Once the canteen was operating and the children were fed, they started to excel.

Trang Roast Pork Breakfast

Recently, a family friend sent photos of a resort in Trang, another province in Thailand, and of the typical dishes served for breakfast. Roast pork is a must for a Trang breakfast (featured image). Some of the dishes like siew mai and char siew noodles are Chinese dishes, but khanom jeen namya is distinctly Thai, it’s Thai fish curry noodles (similar to laksa).

It looks like Dr V enjoyed the food thoroughly as he was happy to recommend the Baan Pluen Prueksa Resort (in Yantakhao district). It’s a homey place, and baan is the Thai word for house or home. His Singaporean family members could enjoy Chinese dishes more familiar to them and to feel at home.

The Rustic Baan (house) in Trang

This rustic resort is a gem hidden in the jungle. You will love it if you love the sound of flowing water and the music nature makes.

Chicken arroz caldo breakfast

Cel made me a pot of arroz caldo (rice porridge cooked with chicken, ginger, onion and turmeric) served with boiled eggs and garlic oil. It’s a simple dish that can be enjoyed by the sick and the healthy alike. It’s porridge Filipino style, and one of my favourite Filipino dishes.

Cooking with peace and joy

It’s one week to Christmas. There is more to Christmas than turkey and ham. It’s a celebration of an event that changed the history of the world twenty centuries ago. It brought with it the message of peace and joy. Whatever you decide to cook this Christmas, may it be done with peace and joy!

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 18 December 2022.  

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