Beginner’s Choice: When Food Soothes and Heals

Most of us have favourite childhood food memories, especially of our mother’s cooking. I have always liked porridge, but it was something my mother used to give me when I was sick. I have always preferred my food simple. Plain rice porridge with a bit of seasoning was best when I couldn’t eat much.

Mothers never stop being mothers. Their intuition tells them when their children are unwell and their maternal wisdom guides them to cook what is needed.

Recently my mother told me to eat walnuts, something she has never done before. I googled walnuts and found that they provide plant-based proteins that support healing. Then she dropped by with strawberries and berries. I found them on the list of healing foods as well as, they provide vitamin C and antioxidants.

On Thursday she boiled a black chicken to make broth for porridge. She added stir fried garlic pork and a generous amount of leafy green vegetables to the porridge. Leafy green vegetables also promote healing. Her secret ingredient was garlic oil which gave the porridge a nice fragrance.

My mother’s Thai-style fish soup (featured image) was even more amazing. She boiled fish bones with lemongrass, galangal ginger, garlic, lime-leaf, shallots and spring onions, then added slices of barramundi fish into the soup.

I was officially the one who was unwell and needed healing, but my mother insisted on feeding everyone who had a part in caring for me. I could only conclude that mothers have special healing powers and a heart that cares for everyone.

Home-cooked dinner and home-made dessert

Last night we had Nelly’s Korean honey-garlic chicken wings and Korean cucumber salad for dinner and Tita Espie’s Maja blanca (coconut pudding with grated cheese topping) for dessert.

Home-cooked food and home-made desserts are very much appreciated, especially when one needs more healthy meals.  

It has been an eventful week, and a chance to get in touch with many old friends and to make new friends. I was talking to a nurse who said that she took a few years off work to take care of her children when they were younger. She saw the importance of home-cooked meals. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to tell her about this blog!

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 11 December 2022

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