Beginner’s Choice: The Sweet and Savoury Moments

It’s already December 2022 and time to look back on another year that has gone by. We will no doubt find memories of sweet moments and not-so-sweet moments, and celebrate the fact that for there to be a picture there has to be light and shade.

I remember a funny scene (perhaps from Sesame Street) of someone who held up a blank sheet of white paper and said: “This is a picture of a white sheep in a snow storm”. The highs and the lows in life make life “real”. A friend who moved from a country where everything functioned efficiently to a country where things didn’t always work well or didn’t work at all said: “This is the real world!” She wasn’t complaining, she was stating the fact that life isn’t perfect. Living in an imperfect world is what makes life challenging and interesting, and children will learn to be resourceful and aspire to make a better world.

Sweets for the sweet

There are always reasons to celebrate life. A sweet treat is always appreciated. I have been careful with sugar intake, but the other day we had a sticky toffee date pudding which was just too amazing to miss. It certainly made a lot of people happy. There is a correlation between sugar and happiness. Nelly’s pecan pie was also not to be missed, though I regretted the calories.

The less sweet dessert

Emily sent a photo of a less sweet Chinese dessert: walnut milk paste. She also sent the recipe:


  1. Two spoonful of groundnuts
  2. Two spoonful of raisins
  3. Three spoonful of rice grain
  4. Twelve walnuts
  5. Five red dates (seed removed)
  6. 200 ml fresh milk

To cook:

Simply wash ingredients 1 to 5. Pour into a soya bean maker and let it grind and cook.

Pour the milk into the mixture.

The walnut paste/cream is ready to be served.

Snacks for celebrations

Sara has been busy sending photos of Nelly’s cooking. If you need ideas of food for Christmas gatherings, Nelly’s tapas might give you some inspiration. Her steak and fried egg dinner is a great alternative to a turkey dinner.

Sara is an exchange student from Barcelona. She will be going home for Christmas and she has ideas of so many dishes to cook for her family this Christmas. Not only has her Mandarin improved during her stay in Singapore, her cooking and baking skills have improved too!

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 4 December 2022

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