Gardening Tips: Aggregate for Design and Decoration

By Andrea Pavee

I am in the midst of reconstructing my house.

Its progress has been inextricably slow, no thanks to our frequent lockdowns, and the never- ending vagaries of a pandemic which refuses to let up.

To ensure a smooth reconstruction, we moved out to a temporary home nearby, which came with a nice garden space, complete with an aggregate and rock garden, courtesy of our Landlord.

Whether it is a niche within your own garden, a garden path, or a full-fledged Japanese garden, aggregate or stones go a long way to ramp up the look, feel and design of your garden.

Stone gardens are very flexible additions to any garden – you can create them anywhere you want, whether indoors,  or out, and even on a balcony. With a bit of verve, planning and imagination, you can have one right where you want it to be. Fresh out of ideas? Look no further than that Pinterest app on your phone.

Aggregate comes in many shapes and sizes, from fine gravel to smooth river stones. Likewise, it also presents in different colours, from greys to browns.

Once you have settled on a basic look for your garden, add in stone furniture and lamps to complete your garden feature. Additions of different coloured boulders provide a nice splash of colour to your budding creation.

If you would like stone lamps to light up your garden, consider choosing those which come with a little niche for you to place a scented candle within. Alight, your stone garden will be an oasis of peace and calm, and a guaranteed way to destress after a long day.

If you find stone furniture too big or cumbersome to handle, wrought iron furniture pairs well with stone gardens. Wood is a good alternative, too.

Just a word of caution, aggregate gardens do very well when created indoors and on concrete.

If you choose to lay your aggregate garden on top of soil or grass, be prepared to work at keeping weeds and other stray plants at bay. Life, as they say, always finds a way to gather and  grow.

Also, if you place your stone garden near trees, be warned that it can be back breaking work getting those dead leaves out from in between the stones.

Happy Gardening!

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 13 August 2021

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