Club 56 Culinary Stars and The Potato, Tomato and Orange Challenge

Club 56 isn’t a club for retirees. “Fifty-six” stands for Primary 5 and Primary 6 (P5 and P6). Club 56 wasn’t deterred by the pandemic: The June Camp had to go on – even if only online!

The Potato, Tomato and Orange Challenge was the theme for Club 56’s 2021 Culinary Competition. The participants had to:

1. plan their menu using three secret ingredients (potatoes, tomatoes and oranges);

2. go grocery shopping and be filmed explaining how they selected their ingredients;

3. cook within the given time limit.

They were watched and judged via Zoom.

Arianne’s was one of the participants. Her choice was:

Main course

Greek Chicken Stew with rice


Simple Salad


Mango-Jelly Pudding

For the Greek chicken stew, Arianne modified a recipe she found online at:

As her dad doesn’t like olives, it was replaced with mushrooms.

She also squeezed a little of lemon juice too. The 3 secret ingredients potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice were all used in this dish.

1. Cut cucumber, red pepper, romaine lettuce
2. Chop almonds
3. Peel oranges
4. Mix all together
5. Mix olive oil, tinge of orange juice, honey, salt, pepper

Mango-Jelly Pudding

1. Cut fruits: pear, mango, grapes
2. Mango pudding sachet
3. Red jelly sachet


  1. Cook the jelly
  2. Place the cut fruits in glasses.
  3. Pour the cooked red jelly over and place into fridge
    – once slightly hardened, add cut mangoes, and pour the cooked mango jelly over
    – decorate with cut grapes once almost hardened

It was delightful to see Arianne’s culinary creation. I watched the competition online as a spectator. The other participants also cooked amazing dishes, which I hope to feature in future posts.

I couldn’t have prepared such meals when I was in P5 and P6. I only started to cook soggy spaghetti with Bolognaise sauce when I was in my teens, when I started to have friends over for dinner. No matter how hard I tried, the spaghetti was always soggy, but my friends were very encouraging and supportive of my attempts to cook.

Well done Arianne and all of the Club 56 girls who participated in the Potato, Tomato and Orange Challenge!

A big thanks to Gen and the mums who helped with getting the materials together for this post.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 10 August 2021

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