Beginner’s Choice: Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Celebration Planning Skills

Therese, who leads a busy life and hardly has a minute to spare, cooked a Mother’s Day celebration meal from scratch. She was seen preparing beans before she went off to work in the morning. She was again in the kitchen in the evening cooking something else. There were nicely labelled containers in the fridge. Very few people knew about her cooking talents until they saw her photo of the early Mother’s Day celebration with her family (featured image).  The menu: baked salmon with almonds, carbonara, beans and salad. The meal was a success. It proved that planning makes the most difficult tasks possible. You don’t have to spend the whole day in the kitchen to cook a celebration meal. You just need to know what you can advance and what needs to be done at the last minute.

Young professionals and great meal planners

Val and Feisan are two other great meal planners. Val is back with her amazing lunch boxes. I haven’t worked out how she does so much in the kitchen with the little time she has to spend in the kitchen after a hectic day at work.

Val’s Friday Lunchbox

① karaage-style Spanish mackerel
② shrimp tempura
③ spinach in sesame dressing
④ burdock root and carrot stir-fry
⑤ eggs!

Feisan’s meals are always colourful. She can make an instant noodle dish a healthy meal.

Feisan’s healthy instant noodles

Recently, I watched a YouTube video on eating well. Something that hit me was (something along the lines of): Don’t restrict, but round it off to be wholesome. Example, if I am craving instant noodles, then cook instant noodles. But! Lessen the salt, and have vegetables to go with it. This way, I still satisfy my cravings, and enjoy a wholesome meal.  Particularly helpful for me. I have a thorny relationship with eating. I tend to forget to eat.” Feisan.

It’s quite easy for busy professionals to forget to eat. I remember eating cup noodles late at night during my days in publishing. There wasn’t time to think about healthy meals.

Clever use of rice cookers

Marie, who is doing her post-doctorial studies abroad, has made the best use of her rice cooker. She baked a cake with it.

I made a cake using a rice cooker! Cause I have no oven! Normal baking I think. And I just put the cake mixture in the rice cooker. And pressed cook, until it’s cooked.” Marie

Piping lemon curd into holes

Tara baked a lemon curd cake. It was really interesting watching her make holes in the cake and piping lemon curd into the holes before covering the cake with meringue. I must say that I have a soft spot for lemon curd. Tara seems like she can make any cake if she has a recipe. Quite amazing!

It looks like my friends have been having fun in the kitchen.

A Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 12 May 2023

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