Beginner’s Choice: Fun Fast Food

The slow food movement is international, but some slow food is slower than others. Some traditional Asian cuisines were capable of keeping women gainfully occupied in the kitchen the whole day, and I can understand why. If curry pastes were made from scratch and every ingredient was cut, chopped, minced, grinded and pounded by hand to bring out its full taste, there was no way to cook a curry in a hurry. My grandmother’s Thai curries were famous, at least at home, so was her ox tongue stew.

Everyday Chinese cuisine would probably fall somewhere between slow food and fast food, especially stir fried and braised dishes, though I am not an expert on the subject.

I went shopping for an air fryer today, on the recommendation that it will save time. The lady promoter did an excellent job. My mother and I were quite impressed by the chicken that she cooked in 12 minutes and by the buns that came out of the same fryer. There was a steamed cake on display and the promoter showed us how to steam chicken in the fryer. Well, it was a steamer and a fryer at the same time. It seemed a bit magical to me. It’s been a long week and it’s great to end it with something fun. The air fryer was on promotion. It was a good deal, but I still have to discover if saving time with an air fryer affects the quality of the meals in terms of variety of texture and tastes.  

Air-fried chicken

Hot dog night

Last Saturday was fun fast food Saturday. We had create-your-own hot dogs, which meant that we were at liberty to choose our toppings and sauce. There was free flow of popcorn – now that’s my idea of fun!

Korean fast food

Pearl sent a photo of a Korean Fast food meal she had. I recognized that it was Korean when I saw the kimchi. It looked really good and was probably at the higher end of fast food range.

Korean fast food

We had blended avocado with coconut ice cream one evening. Avocado is a fruit, so it’s good as a dessert.

Have a great weekend.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor1, 22 October 2022

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