Beginner’s Choice: Light meals – Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch

From breakfast to brunch

In my first year at university, breakfast was served in the hall of residence on Sundays until it was replaced by brunch. Very few students woke up early enough for breakfast, and were starving by lunchtime.  Andrea calls her brunches “big breakfasts”, and they are simply scrumptious.

From staycation to vacation

I have moved from being on staycation to being on vacation. It’s great to drive across the Causeway again, though one still has to be ready to brave the big jam.

I have fond memories of having weekend classes on the beach in Johor and campfires at night in my school days. We had to cook our own breakfast, and once I was given the responsibility of making sure that our tray of eggs survived the Land Rover drive across the grasslands. It was a big responsibility indeed!

Studying on the beach in the company of baboons swing from tree to tree was distracting. Sometimes we would hear elephants from afar. Outdoor learning was a new experience.

The kampung breakfast

It was nice to have eggs “kampung style” for breakfast on the first day of the vacation. We had nasi lemak with eggs, ikan bilis and otak otak. Breakfast on day 2 consisted of paos from the Pasar Malam (night market) the evening before and siew mai.

Pao and siew mai

Light lunches

I would sometimes skip lunch if I have a heavy breakfast, or have a light lunch. Today’s light lunch of pasta and chicken in tomato sauce was just right after a hearty breakfast.  

I recently had a nice light lunch of quiche, croissant and chickpea and cucumber salad. Elena’s pie crusts are the best!

Rina sent a photo of an interesting dish she cooked – Pastel de choclo (Chilean minced beef pastel). Pastel de choclo is a pudding made from sweetcorn with meat or egg filling. It sounds like something I would like.  

Pastel de Choclo

Enjoying nature

It’s August and the holidays are over or will soon be over for many, but it has been great to be out enjoying nature again.

Last Sunday my friends from Spain went to the Orchid Garden in the morning, then they went on tour of the National Museum in the afternoon and to a Fivera concert at the Botanic Gardens in the evening with more of my friends. (Fivera is a pop opera group from Thailand. They are friends of friends of mine and we are great fans!). They chose songs which celebrated friendship and life, and I can only say: Thank you!

Birds of paradise

Have a great weekend.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 13 August 2022

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