Student Specials: Clareanne’s Art of Giving

Clare and Anne and the banana tree

Clareanne is the combination of two middle names of two sisters – Clare and Anne, who couldn’t be more different, but they are like two hearts of the banana tree. Now, what on earth am I talking about? Well, this week I saw a banana tree that had two hearts. Each heart nurtured its own bunch of bananas, but both were united to the same tree.  

Clareanne Makes

Last night I went to Clareanne Makes’ booth (booth 216) at Curbside Crafters (730 North Bridge Road). It has been a long time since I last went to a craft sale. It brought back memories of the art and craft stalls in Portobello Market (London) and Salamanca Market (Tasmania). I love the atmosphere of places where aspiring artists meet to display their works. Where there is life, there is art!

Clare makes clay earring while Anne makes resin earrings. Clare has an eye for fine details and delicate touches for petals and leaves. Anne is into martial arts, and she makes hardier earrings which are flower-inspired, but practical and hard to break.

Students and young entrepreneurs

Clare and Anne are students. They are spending three days of their holidays manning their booth. They study during lull moments of the day.

Making earrings is a hobby for both, though it seems that they come from an artistic family. They have a hand-painted lampshade at their booth, which they proudly announced was painted by a grandaunt.

Different as they are, Clare and Anne share the same aim: to make beautiful earrings which will make someone happy.  

Clare and Anne go the extra mile. When you buy a pair of earrings as a gift, the earrings will be placed in an envelope and sealed with resin with wildflowers. You can also have the name of the person you will give the earrings to written in calligraphy.

The budding local art scene

If you are free tomorrow (Sunday, 5 June) and would like to explore the local art and craft scene, do drop by Clareanne’s booth at Curbside Crafters between 12noon and 8.30pm. You can also find clareanne.makes on Instagram.

Have a great weekend.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 4 June 2022

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