Beginner’s Choice: Student meals and YouTube recipes

Entertaining at home

My brother and I went over to our cousin’s place for dinner last Sunday. Cousin Siri had invited Soph of the Weave the Story YouTube Channel and a couple of Thai friends over for a Thai dinner.

My brother made itim kati (Thai coconut ice cream), and he brought peanuts for the topping. He said that he tried to find jackfruit, which would have made the topping authentically Thai, but there was no jackfruit to be found. He told us that he used a recipe from PailinsKitchen on YouTube. At that point, Ajarn Paeng, who was one of the guests, said: “She’s my cousin!” Pailin lives in Canada. I have watched her videos and have been wanting to try her boat noodle recipe.

My brother likes to invite friends around for dinner. When he was a student in Australia, he used to be invited to dinner by his friends at their homes. Eating out was beyond their budget as students. It looks like my brother acquired cooking skills young in life. I am seeing the same trend among my young friends who are studying abroad.

French student’s cooking

Cecille, who is in Ho Chi Minh City, sent a photo of a French meal cooked by Claire, a French student who was visiting Vietnam for a week. She cooked crepe.  (Featured image) A student meal can be stylish!

Meatball noodles in Manchester

Joanna’s noodle dish

Joanna sent a photo of the meatball noodle dish she cooked in Manchester last week. It took her an hour, and she was wondering how I could cook three dishes in two hours. Well, it comes with pressure and practice.

Indian celebration meal

Easter celebration meal

Marie showed me a photo of a delicious Indian meal she had in Sheffield, cooked by students to celebrate Easter.

Healthy sandwiches  

Angela sent the following message: “I created a healthy sandwich over the weekend, but I forgot to take pictures. I made it with sliced avocado, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs and shredded chicken breast dipped in Greek yoghurt with some sprinkles of coarse black pepper.”

Simple salad

Simply Simple Salad

I made a simple salad last week, with carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and corn for some students. I made a salad dressing with water, brown sugar, vinegar, fish sauce and parsley. It was refreshingly light.  

Soph’s YouTube cooking videos

For students who are abroad and who miss South East Asian food, Soph’s YouTube Channel has some great recipes. You might like to try his telur belado (fried boiled egg in spicy sauce) recipe. Go to Weave the Story Channel on YouTube.

Bananas in the neighbourhood

I am missing my friend Andrea, who is a regular contributor to this blog. She is in the US for a month. She will be proud of me because I have started gardening. Her gardening articles have borne fruit.

I have started to notice the little flowers around the neighbourhood. I have also noticed bananas growing in the neighbourhood.

The heart of the banana tree is edible, but is not easy to cook as it has a lot of sap. I was served a dish with the heart of the banana once in the Philippines. I haven’t seen it served anywhere else. Not many people know that the banana tree has a heart. We could say that the banana tree is kind because it has a heart!

Have a fruitful week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 22 May 2022

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