Gardening Tips: Mother Nature’s Gift – Perseverance

By Andrea Pavee

A year ago, gung-ho into gardening, I bought 3 pots of the Peace Lily.

One was gifted to Marcia on her birthday, another went to Kar Im, a very good friend, and the last one was to be a new addition to my young, growing garden.

I remember asking the nursery owner, May, about her care and was told that she would be an easy plant to grow and nurture as long as she was left in semi-shade with sufficient moisture. Her parting shot to me was, “She will flower only after she puts out a lot of leaves.”

That was October 2020.

Last week, after many leaves and leaves, and did I say, leaves, a slender stalk grew from her heart. It grew so silently that I never noticed until I saw the little white bud peeking through. My peace lily finally flowered – a whole year later!

To say I was delighted would be an understatement.

As I write, she is still in full bloom.

Mother Nature is an excellent teacher, if we are ready and willing to learn.

As a gardening hobbyist, I know forcing a flower to bloom before its time will mean its destruction. People, I guess are like that too. Everyone has the potential to bloom where they are planted, if given the time and the opportunity to do so. And what a beautiful bloom they would be!

Patience is not an easy virtue to acquire, trust me, I know. Thankfully, with constant observation and a growing passion for gardening, Mother Nature is teaching me valuable life lessons which I would be remiss without.

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 2 October 2021

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