Carmen’s Guava, Cherries and Chili Dessert

A fruit platter can be a work of art. I saw Carmen’s fruit platter of guava and cherries, which was an unusual combination, and thought that it was quite pretty.

Guava is a tropical fruit which is commonly served in Thailand. I was surprised to read that guavas originated in Mexico.

Cherries are not common at all in Asia, and are usually expensive, but occasionally there are special offers when they are affordable.

I asked Carmen if she was going to serve plum powder with the guava (which is how it is usually served in Singapore), but she said she wasn’t planning to. I suggested serving the guava the Thai way, which is with chili, sugar and salt mixed in a mortar with a pestle. I made the chili sugar dip in a matter of minutes. It gave the fruit platter a highlight. It’s best to eat the cherries before the guava with the chili sugar dip, as the taste of the latter can be quite overpowering.

Carmen made a salad with dragon fruit and cheese, which is another unusual combination.

Dragon fruit, cheese and cherry tomato salad

It’s good to eat healthy salads and desserts, but it’s also good to have happy desserts.

Angie baked mocha cakes and decorated them in different styles, but the fresh strawberries were just perfect with mocha. Mocha is good if you don’t want a cake that is too sweet.

My brother gave the birthday cake two thumbs up. He is a dessert enthusiast. He successfully made itim gatik (traditional Thai coconut ice cream with peanuts and jackfruit) last week, while I successfully made vanilla ice cream with real vanilla bean paste. Yes, we have been having a cool time!

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 25 July 2021

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