Gardening – The Money Plant

By Andrea Pavee

In a previous article, I wrote at length about the Golden Porthos, the most popular money plant, in my reckoning. As one of the easiest of plants to grow and propagate, it is my firm favourite.

They grow fuss free in soil, hydroponic solutions or even in plain water – who could ask for more? To propagate them, simply cut about a 6-inch stem and stick them where you will.

When their leaves are small, they prefer semi-shaded locations, or indoor areas.

However, as their leaves grow bigger and stems thicker, they thrive in direct sunlight. The Golden Porthos is essentially a creeper and will creep wherever it can.

If you are not keen on having them creeping and adhering to walls, you will need to keep a sharp eye on their growth. Be prepared to be brutal in pruning them. Once they adhere to walls, tearing them away leaves either marks or splotches as the paint can come off along with the plant’s roots and stems.

The Golden Porthos is just one variant of the money plant. There are many others.

I have been very fortunate as my gardening buddies, Kar Im and Marcia have given me a number of variants which are growing steadily around the garden.

Unlike my Golden Porthos, these other varieties shun direct sunlight and grow at a much slower rate.

The cheapest way to collect the variants is to ask around for some cuttings.

Alternatively, nurseries should have some of the variants for purchase.

To save cost, I usually buy a small pot and leave it to settle down at home. In time, I will re-pot it into a bigger pot.

Depending on growth, you may have to re-pot it into an even bigger pot to accommodate her root and shoot systems, in time.

Since the money plant is such an easy plant, budding gardeners bolster their confidence in growing them while experienced gardeners count them as a garden staple, while keeping a sharp weather eye out for variants to add to their burgeoning collection.

Money plants can be placed at ground level or in tall pots. Their lush cascading leaves and stems brings the outdoors, in. Alternatively, when hung on beams indoors or out they bring a touch of the exotic home. Just make sure you do not hang them too near fans.

Garden greens soothe the eyes and are a balm for the soul. They also have a softening effect on the walls, corners and metals objects in homes. They turn houses into homes.

Until next time….

Happy gardening!

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 3 June 2021

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