Easter and Fresh Starters

Easter Sunday, like Christmas, is celebrated in many countries around the world. Since Easter is a celebration of life, it is common to serve eggs as part of the celebration. I served fried eggs for breakfast and we will have chocolate eggs at the end of dinner.

We received contributions to the blog from Andrea in Malaysia, Val in Singapore and Laura in Italy this week. (Please check out the two earlier posts.) Andrea’s and Laura’s recipes are family traditions.

Val (of Val’s Amazing Lunch Boxes) has given us a surprise: a photo of her lunch box bag! It has become a famous bag.

Val also revealed what she had in her lunch box on Good Friday: Tuna patties, butter-soy sauce mushrooms, grilled zucchini in ginger-sesame dressing, tamagoyaki and Japanese shiso cucumber pickles.

Val’s tuna patties

The Holy Week services began on Maundy Thursday. I needed a special starter for the celebration dinner, but it had to be simple. I had a lot of tomatoes, cucumber, some sweet corn, olives, Japanese mayonnaise and potato crisps. I put together a salad appetizer in a matter of minutes, which kept everyone happy. The only thing I had to do was to remove the seeds from the tomatoes and to add the sweet corn (cream style) in.

Tomato cups

Audrey, a student from Indonesia, told me about how she used to eat raw vegetables in Indonesia with a chili dip. I tried it last week and it was a refreshing new way of eating tomatoes and cucumber. I used sambal chili and nasi lemak chili for the dip.

Nature has a way of giving us little gifts, like chili padi, which is so small, grows easily and has such a powerful taste! South Asian and South East Asian cuisine would be quite lost without it. A salad with a chili dip makes bland vegetables quite exciting. You actually have to be careful not to get burnt by the spiciness.

Chili padi

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a good week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 4 April 2021

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